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    I know the "why isnt ____ out on DVD" is a tired topic, but I mean COME ON! Where is the Holy Grail of Racing Movies? Along side of "The Haunting" (1963)this is my most anticipated DVDs. If Grand Prix is done right, it has the potential to be real winner. (something that could be said of alot of titles) It's use of Widescreen to tell a story is simply stunning. Hopefully Frankenheimer will dish up his usual commentary, and the picture will be remasterd. Its condition on VHS is pathetic. Perhaps its due for some Robert Harris treatment!
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    Oct 2, 1998
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    This is an MGM title - don't expect much when it comes, other than being cheap. On the other hand, since MGM releases about a zillion titles a month, how far down the line could this be?
    I hope the framing is corrected from the LD I own (which is not too bad). This thing is really wide - Super Panavision 70 - and when it goes to split - and sometimes quarter - screen, it's very obvious that the sides were chopped.
    Anyway, love those Grand Prix engines!
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    Since this film was released by MGM in 1966, Warner should hold the rights now.
    I would also love to see this on DVD, it's my favorite racing film. I would also like to see Fox release Le Mans, my second favorite.

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