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Gotham Racing quick race = frustration!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jeff Peake, Dec 16, 2001.

  1. Jeff Peake

    Jeff Peake Supporting Actor

    Jul 12, 1998
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    I just played the San Fran quick-race on the Hard setting for 3 hours, and cannot finish first. I am really getting frustrated with this game.

    In the Quick-race's, it seems your only real shot at having a chance to win is to cause a big pileup in the first corner, and hope to come out unscathed. Once someone gets a second or two ahead, it is nearly impossible to catch up.

    I am currently stuck on the Kudo's Challenge, and need a better car to continue, so I am trying to complete all the quick races in first place to get something better.

    What is your strategy for winning the quick races? I noticed that choosing a slower car helps, as your opponents then choose slower cars. I was getting beaten by a mile with the Corvette, and do much better with the Beetle or Audi TT. However, if the CPU driver gets out in front, there is no way I can catch up...

    I have never been so addicted and so pissed off at a game in all my life!
  2. Bing Fung

    Bing Fung Agent

    Feb 19, 2000
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    I'm really starting to enjoy this game. I know it's not as legendary as GT3 A-spec, but it really fills the void nicely.

    One thing I been having a blast with is all the ripped tunes I have placed on the hard drive to play as I'm racing. Sure a person can just put a CD in your stereo for basically the same effect, but wait... PRG seems to Cue the tunes just right so when I'm starting a race it really sets the mood to allow me to get my game face on! And it really separates the sound effects and tunes nicely in 5.1 dolby Digital, incredible if I may say!

    One time I was just crashing all over the place sucking big time in 6th position, when all of a sudden U2's "Streets with no Name" kicked in to full force, I was racing through Japan "Shubuku" (sp) and it really made me focus and put me in the zone, I ended up winning the race. another time, I was racing at San Francisco's Fishermans Warf and Van Halen "Jump" was cued, right as I was jumping the streets of San Fran... too cool! I have about 45 tunes ripped, and still can select the games stock music radio stations which has cool tunes as well.

    The cars are real pretty to look at during the replay theater, brake rotors glow red hot if you were braking into corners, you can see the driver shifting gears and steering. Sometimes depending on the camera angle, you can see the nice leather seats and textures in my Audi TT coupe, su-weet! What is hilarious is how you can see cones flying through all angles of the glass, so looking from the back window, you can see the pylon being hit with the front of the car, see it through the back window and front winshield.

    The car damage is cool to see and very realistic looking, however it doesn't affect the physics modeling so I question why they even bothered with this, as it makes your car look beat after a tight race... I guess it just shows how much of a hack you were during the race :)

    I do find at times the Audi TT coupe is the most stable and less prone to oversteer in San Fran. I like the Ford Focus as well for it's acceleration in SF. For the High Sped Run I used the Boxster. However I have a long way to go before I catch up to you. Th crash the cars at the start is a very good strategy and I have use that a lot of times, esp on the One on One races.

    Currently the cars I have unlocked are:

    -VW Beetle RSR 4WD

    -Audi TT Roadster

    -Audi TT Coupe

    -BMW Z3 Roadster

    -Camaro Z28 RSR

    -Porsche Boxster

    -Ford Focus

    This is a very good game!

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