Got the Arcam AVR200, Monitor Audio Bronze, Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo or Energy...

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by PaulDA, Feb 20, 2004.

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    Connoisseur series?

    I took the plunge last night (won't get it til Tues./Wed., it's on order). Auditioned it with some Boston Acoustics VR bookshelf (too bright).

    I've listened to a number of speakers (too many to keep track of) and I'm down to the following

    Monitor Audio Bronze series (listened to B4 floorstanders, but not with Arcam equipment)
    Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo series (will soon audition)
    Energy Connoisseur series (liked the C-5, CR-3, CC-3 combo w/Arcam setup)

    I'm adding the speakers in 4-6 months (will make do with my bargain basement set for now).

    The Monitor Audios are 6ohm except for the centre which is 8ohm. As the Arcam has a switch for impedence, will the 4/6ohm setting damage an 8ohm rated speaker?

    I like the Monitor Audio B4 a tiny bit better than the Energy C-5 but the Energy centre CC-3 is a lot beefier than the Bronze centre. Moreover, I haven't listened to the Monitors with Arcam equipment (no nearby dealers).

    Anyone around here have any listening experience with Arcam and any of the above speakers?
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    Feb 21, 2004
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    Actually I recently purchased both B4s and the Bronze Centre. They are running with an Onkyo TX-SR700 and if I read this right the Onkyo is rated at 125W min. RMS per channel at 6 ohms. The center sounded better when it was demoed to me, but it could be my apartment. The B4s however are unreal for $600. The clarity is just awesome. They tuned down one of the 6.5 in. drivers for better bass response and since I live in a small apt, I was able to comfortably get rid of my sub. Anyway great speakers for the money.
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    You didn't say what your budget is, but consider auditioning Dynaudio Audience speakers if they fall within it. I have a Arcam AVR200 with Dyns (Audience 72/62/122C/Sub-30A) and it sounds great, both for music and movies.

    I've also heard the Arcam with Acoustic Energy Aegis Evos. It sounded great, but the Dyns sound better (but they're more expensive). I almost bought the Evos, but increased my budget since I liked the Dyns so much. But I didn't get the cheapest Dyns, so they might fit your budget (e.g. Audience 42 at $800/pr).


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