Got new reciever!!!! couple of questions...

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  1. Marshall Alsup

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    Jul 9, 2001
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    I feel like a tool posting this with all the shit that went down today!
    I just got an Onkyo 595. I would like to thank HTF for helping me in choosing a reciever. You guys are the best. After I set it up I tested it out with Saving Private Ryan (DTS). Oh my GOD. This thing kicks my old Sony dpl reciever's ass off the planet! I have the Sony SAWM40 and some relativly cheap speakers, but it shounds SOOO damn good, and I haven't even calibrated it yet! I have an Avia disk, but no SPL meter (Radio Shack was out [​IMG]). Once again, THANKS!!!
    One quick question...
    If I use the coax digital input, do I just use a normal RCA cable (perhaps hi-quality) or is there a special kind of cable and the jack just looks like RCA?
    Sorry if I offended anyone with this silly stuff on such a tragic day, I'm trying not to let this thing get me down too much.
  2. Vietor

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    Jul 13, 2001
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    Yeah what a Crazy day, I have been watching CNN for like 16 hours now, unbelievable. However like you say, and like so many others have said, and I agree with
    They (whomever they may be) can break our building but only we can break our spirit.
    Hopefully this will serve to get Americans to quit paying so much attention to trivial crap and get something done on important issues like workable international relations.
    But off of my Soap box. . .
    I too have a 595, and a SA-WM40 (and some Paradigm speakers) and yeah, nice sound is something that once you have you can never hapily let go of.
    Digital in, Get a 75 Ohm RCA Cable.
    When I wired mine I went to the shack (Rat Shack that is. . .) and grabbed a few splits and a bunch of RCA-RCA (refering to the ends) Audio cables. 3 2 channel ones for multichannel input and one mono for the digital in.
    This was a mistake (I think)
    Yesterday I read a post saying that improper cables used for the digital in caused an intermitent pausing (every few min) of the digital signal. I have that sort of problem, the post also said "Don't use audio cables".
    So the idea is this,
    Get the right cables, 75 Ohm cables, video cables it is said.
    Unfortunently I didn;t get around to getting to the shack today, so I can't tell you if it solved my problems.
    Just repeat after me. . .
    75 Ohm
    75 Ohm
    75 Ohm. . .
  3. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    most people i hear say a decent quality rca cable will do the trick. radio shack sells one classified as "digital"...that should be more than sufficient.
    if i were you, i'd test. go buy the rat-shack, then go buy the more expensive monster ones. see if you hear a difference...but i'll bet a buck you won't.
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