Got new LCD TV calibration questions

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Mike_J_Potter, Dec 30, 2007.

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    I got a new Samsung LN-T4061F 40" LCD HDTV yesterday to replace the almost dead 42" HD rear projection set I had. I have a couple of questions in calibration.

    First of all I am using my Avia guide to home theater DVD to calibrate and mainly talks about tube tvs. I just skipped the part about the power supplies etc and used it only to set the brightness contrast etc is that ok? Or is there a newer calibration DVD I should use that I should use thats more LCD friendly?

    Secondly I using one component input (upconverting DVD player and Wii switched through a receiver) and the HDMI connected to a directv HD dvr. I did the calibration on the component with the DVD player set at 480I. Can I move those settings over to the HDMI, or should I plug the HDMI into the DVD player and run through the DVD again. If so should I run it at 480I or go up to 1080I using the DVD up conversion. I assuming I want to run it at 480I.

    I will eventually get a second HDMI cable for the DVD player once I get my setup figured out.
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    Yeah, you really should run the Avia against each type of input - ideally against each individual input, since theoretically identical inputs can have slight quirks unique to them. But at least against both the component and composite inputs.

    I'm not sure if Avia has released a new edition aimed at newer TV technologies. There is Digital Video Essentials, the successor to the earlier Digital Essentials discs that trace their lineage back to the laserdics days. DE is the other major calibration disc familiar to most HTF members. DVE does specifically address LCD, and other non-CRT monitor types. There is also an HD version of DVE. I'm not sure if they've ported it over to Blu Ray yet, but I expect that will eventually happen.



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