Got my Starsky & Hutch seasons 2! Yay!!!!

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Randy*S, Jul 21, 2004.

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    Man, finally!!
    I still watch the heck out of season one but I'm glad it's here.
    My favorite episodes so far are "Las Vegas Strangler" of course since it has Lynda Carter in a two parter.
    My second favorite is "Little Girl Lost", it was really wonderful to see Kristy McNichol again! I really miss seeing her. She was my first crush when I was a kid, hope she's doing ok these days.
    Anyway, this set has two of my favorite actreses in it, the first season was a much simpler cop drama which is why I love it, but this season is bigger, has more action and both Paul and David get to direct.
    Also, I love seeing tv veterans like Lauren Tewes, Ed Begley jr., Suzanne Sommers, Gary Sandy, Kristy McNichol, Lynda Carter, Will Geer and the great Scatman Crothers as guest stars!! It was worth buying to me just to have their appearances as they bring back so many happy memories.
    We even get Jeff Goldblum! I love that they included Huggy and Captain Dobey on the box design this time!
    The episode "Vampire" is my least favorite, I like John Saxon but I am really sick of vampires these days.
    Overall a great season and set! Hope they bring the other seasons out soon! [​IMG]
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    Mine actually came on Saturday from Deep Discount DVD (I've been getting all of my preorders from them lately before street date with the free shipping!!). I've watched the first 3 episodes so far and loved them. They really seemed to have capitalized on everything that made the first season great and obviously had a bigger budget. Great to see more two-part episodes. Loved seeing Lynda Carter and Kristy McNichol too! Both were really good in the episodes they appeared in. I hope seasons 3 and 4 come as fast as the first 2 did!

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