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Got my Onkyo 700 and now it has to go back (1 Viewer)

Paul Clarke

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Jan 29, 2002
They shouldn't. The problem is not throughout the entire model range...only the lower and lower-mid level new receivers. Although, many tests of the much loved 595 also show a multi-channel deficiency. IMO, another reason why the 'two channels driven' standard continues to be misleading, bordering on useless, in the multi-channel world. Most receivers perform well in Stereo.
People often question why weight would be an important consideration in choosing a receiver. My H/K 510 weighs 35lbs. and is rated at 80Wx2-8 Ohms, 70Wx5-8 Ohms. When tested by various sources it puts out more like 95Wx2-8 Ohms, 90Wx5-8 Ohms. With my 6 Ohm speaker set the 510 delivers 125Wx2, 115Wx5. The Onk 898 is even heavier and has similar, if not better, real-world output. Maybe people should re-think. It bears repeating...you get what you pay for.
(Hey Richard---I guess great minds think alike);)


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Apr 16, 2002
Yes, there should be a law put in place to guarantee

specific power delivery as claimed by a mfg. On the other

hand, if people buying receivers (some that weigh, what

20lbs and claim 100wpc across 5 channels?) would finally

realize there is a REASON a good five channel separate

amp weighs 40-80lbs, and receivers just don't have the

drive in most cases to deliver the ultra-high wattage

transients that like to blow protection circuits in

receivers and fuses in speakers.

When buying a receiver, look at dynamic headroom and the

speaker impedence they claim to be able to drive.

Of course, the mfg. could be lying about those specs


Royce H

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Mar 10, 2001
Norman, thanks for the info on your subwoofer and settings--I couldn't remember having seen a reference to them in your posts...;)
BTW, depending on the sensitivity of your speakers (which isn't listed on B&W's website), the full 80 watts might not have been enough for your listening level at the time your speakers failed. If I remember right, you calibrated at 85 dB with AVIA, then were listening at -10 dB (75 dB). This would make your estimated 20-30 dB peaks 95 to 105 dB. With speaker sensitivity of 75 dB @ 1 Watt, it would take 128 watts to give you 96 dB. 80 watt sensitivity would give you 101 dB at 128 watts, and so on. Just some food for thought!

Norman L

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Feb 19, 2002

The high end Onkyo's are delivering as rated or slightly under as expexted.

See the S & V wattage chart.

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