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got my new rears and sub,finally purged the bose out (1 Viewer)

Jeremy Swenson

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 26, 2004
i have been using infinity speakers up front and the rear center channel, a polk 10inch sub, but i have been using my old single cube bose up until today, i picked up some klipsch satelite speakers and another sub, same as i had, the new satelites sound so much better than bose it isnt even close,love it, the bass is pretty hard hitting with two ten inchers there,(for me it is at least)

for the two subs, what should i set the crossover on the back at? all the way up then use the reciever? or set them close to each other, i have the volume set close as possible, i have one sub near each front tower speaker,is that an ok setup? i havent watched a movie yet so i dont really know how it is yet, just watched a few scenes from Riddick,

anyway,my stupid little bose cubes are gone and i am pretty happy with my klipsch:emoji_thumbsup:

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Hi Jeremy.

In general, you want to let the receiver do the crossover work. But do you have the subs connected BETWEEN the receiver and speakers, or are the subs self-powered and you are feeding them with a RCA cable?

Ignore the pictures/diagrams of having several subwoofers spread around the room. Here is what I suggest:

- Find the corner of the room with the 2 longest, un-broken walls and place both subs there. Side by side is great. Stack them on top of each other is better.

- Turn the phase switch to zero on both. (Putting the subs together eliminates the need for a phase switch).

- Go to your receiver and define all your speakers as SMALL (or it may try to send low-frequency to your small speakers).

- If the sub is IN-BETWEEN the receiver and speakers, make sure it is in between the L/R speakers and tell your receiver the L/R speakers are LARGE and that you have NO SUBWOOFER. (This way, it will send all the low frequency sounds to the L/R outputs for the subs to handle).

Hope this helps.

Rory Buszka

Supporting Actor
Jun 5, 2002
What he means is that if the sub is between your speakers and reciever, then the speaker wires come out of the back of the reciever and into the subwoofer, then out to the speakers. This is probably what you did with your Bose. I think it's best to run the new subs only off the LFE output from the reciever, and let the reciever handle the crossover work. One thing you can do is put one sub on each side of the screen, and then set both phases to 0. Then you get huge bass at the listening position.

John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
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This depends entirely on your room.

Bob's suggestion is exactly the same thing I'd recommend. This is the best way to start out.

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