Got approval on loan to finish HT room! Is time to buy the projector yet?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Curt Luther, Jan 11, 2004.

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    I got my home equity loan approved to finish my HT room. The room is drywalled but needs the have finish coat and ceiling installed and carpet. My question is how far in advance should I purchase the projector? It seems that there is a wait to get a few of them. I am probably going to go with the Sanyo Z2 or new Panasonic because both fall within my $2000 budget. The screen I am going to go with is a Carada for sure, due to lack of interest in making my own. Does anyone have suggestions on which projector to go with and when to order? The room is 13' wide and 15' deep, complete control of lighting, seating is three rows of renovated theater seats: first row is 8' from screen (kids row), second is 11' from screen, third is 14' from screen all on a three tier sub floor. Screen size is probably going to be about 96" to 100" 16.9. Any feed back on this would be great.

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    I would personally wait until the room is finished before buying the projector. Both the Panasonic AE500 and the Sanyo Z2 are the new offerings for 2004. The reason I'd wait is to ensure that you get the best price on the projector, but by all means, if you find an great deal I'd jump on it.

    I would try and audition both projectors to see which one you prefer.

    For me I'd lean towards the Panasonic AE500 for the smooth screen technology and the additional tweakability of the Panasonic. I own the AE300 and the smooth screen technology is quite amazing. I am distracted quite a bit from the screen door on digital projectors, and given the lower rez of the Panny AE300, the smooth screen is really needed. With the AE500 or Z2 this may not be as much of an issue (especially if you utilize a slight defocus).

    If you haven't read the comparison between the 2 projectors at Projector Central, I'd recommend you read it. It is favorable to both projectors, and nicely sums up the differences between them.

    AE500 vs Z2

    With a screen size of 96-100" and seated 11' screen door might be more of an issue. When auditioning, remember to view the image at the same distance you're going to view it at.

    Good luck!


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