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Got an Outlaw Model 7140 Today (1 Viewer)


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Oct 13, 2014
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Coupled it with my AV7702II. Nice little amp but not much difference from the 7125 it replaces, just newer with some tweaks over the older model (plus a slight power bump).

Size and weight they are basically the same, the 7140 is quieter though, but its not like I could hear the 7125 from my seated position. Power cord is now detachable and the fuse is a 15a instead of a 12a. The new power button design is "better" IMO and this model has XLR's, so I grabbed XLR Belden cables from Blue Jeans Cable and ran those with the 7140 instead of RCA's.

I had been wanting the 7140 for the XLR's, and got a great offer for my 7125 from an acquaintance, so I figured what the hell! These are ATI built amps in California, and you can't beat that for the price, they also must be selling well because I had to wait on mine and the inspect and pack date was 3/9/17. IIRC, the 7125 was their best seller and it makes sense when you consider build quality, number of channels, and cost.


Power Output: 140 watts RMS x 7 All Channels Driven simultaneously into 8 ohms from 20Hz to 20 kHz with @ 0.05% THD.
225 watts RMS into 4 ohms @ 0.05% THD

Signal to Noise: >120dB "A" weighted

Frequency Response: 20Hz. -20kHz. +/- 0.1 dB at rated output

Intermodulation Distortion: < 0.05% at rated output.

Power Bandwidth: 5 Hz - >125kHz +0/-3 dB

Damping Factor: Greater than 400 from 10 Hz to 400 Hz

Crosstalk: Greater than -90 dB from 20 Hz to 20Khz

Gain: Voltage gain of 29 dB

Slew Rate: 50v/uSec

Input Impedance: Nominal 50k ohms

Input Sensitivity: 1.2 Volts for Full Rated Output

Remote Trigger Voltage: 3 - 32 Volts DC at 5 milliamperes or greater

Dimensions: (HxWxD): 6” including feet x 17.25” x 16”

Weight: 53.55 lbs

Power Requirements: 120VAC, +/- 3%, 50Hz - 60Hz 1440 watts, maximum


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