got a progressive scan DVD player, need some help

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Keith_R, May 31, 2005.

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    Hey all, I recently bought a new HDTV (Tosh 30HF85) and an upconverting progressive scan DVD player (Tosh SD-5980) to go with it. I calibrated it myself and it looks great. After watching DVD's for the past 5 years on a 4:3 analog television I'm nothing short of amazed with the PQ of DVD's in widescreen and progressive scan, it's like rewatching my collection in a whole new light.

    That said I do have a couple quirks which are bugging me, unfortunately I'm a newbie to the HD and progressive scan stuff so I'm hoping that a more experienced person can give me some insight on how to solve thse couple minor quirks.

    The biggest thing bothering me is a slight flickering that I will sometimes see on a DVD. The flickering occurs only in dark scenes and will manifest itself in the form of either a slight flickering in dark scenes or a slight bright line that goes through a dark scene quick and disappears. The flickering stuff is very slight and is barely noticeable but it is bothersome to me nonetheless. I'm using HDMI to connect the DVD player and I have my DVD player set for progressive scan and 16:9. I've been watching my DVD's in 1080i mode since that is what my television can do natively. The two discs where I've noticed this thus far were LOTR: FOTR and Goodfellas:SE it was very noticeable and quite bad on Goodfellas but on LOTR it was a very small problem on an otherwise beautiful disc.

    The other minor quirk that I'm having is with 4:3 content on DVD's (i.e., TV on DVD). The problem I'm having here is that these discs don't seem to display in their proper aspect ratio on my television. For example, Miami Vice was is a 4:3 program and displayed as such when I played the DVD's on my 4:3 television. However, when I saw this show on my new progressive scan DVD player and widescreen television it wanted to display it in widescreen instead of 4:3. The only way I could get it to display properly in the 4:3 ratio was to hit the HDMI button on my remote and switch the conversion from 1080i to 480P, doing this seemed to solve the problem I'm just puzzled a to why it does this and if it is normal. Once again in this situation, I had my DVD player set for progressive scan and 16:9 and was trying to view with upconversion to 1080i.

    Can anyone help me get these minor quirks ironed out. I'm a newb to the whole progressive scan and HD thing so it's possible that I may have something set wrong on my gear but I think I've done it right. Please help.

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    To answer your second question, I think some DVD players lock into 16:9 when they upconvert. Using 480p like you are doing may be the best solution for 4:3 material.

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