Got a new Reference CD for you guys!

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  1. All of you really need to invest in the CD: Original Motion Picture Score--AMERICAN BEAUTY (not the music from CD...)
    This is an increadible recording with scary imaging and bowl moving bass! (yes, these are good things[​IMG])
    I heard a bit of it before and never payed attention to the soundtrack with the movie (I have only seen the VHS version on a mono TV..don't laugh!). Now that I have the CD Soundtrack, I really wish I had it before!
    Definately a must have!!!!
    10 THUMBS UP! (if I had 10 thumbs [​IMG] )
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    Hi Anthony. Thanks for the tip. How's the overall mood of the CD? Is it dark mostly or does it vary from track to track? I would imagine it would be a dark CD if you think about the movie in general. I love gems that go beneth the radar. I'll get one and put it through it's paces and let you know what I think.

  3. It is kinda dark like the movie with some really neat percussives. The bass doesn't extend exceedingly low, but it just seems to resonate you nicely (the bass instrument is exaggerated yet controlled). Send me your email. How large of a file can I email you? I can send you an MP3 sample.


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