Goodbye, MLs.. :( Please help evaluate new B&W system...

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    Mar 10, 2001
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    Hi all,
    A while back, I came in here looking for advice regarding a dedicated HT/Listening Room that I'm helping my dad set up. We were almost dead certain on using Martin Logans until... until... well, long story! I'm a dissapointed but oh well, what can I do.... "WHEN I HAVE $ FOR MY OWN HT!!" *sigh*...
    This is what he ended up purchasing:
    B&W Nautilus NHTM1 (center)
    B&W Nautilus N802(fronts)
    B&W Nautilus SCM1(rears)
    Revel S-30 Surrount Speakers (sides..???)
    Revel B-15 Powered Subwoofer (2x)
    Proceed AVP Processor/Controller
    Proceed AMP5 5-ch power amp
    Proceed HPA2 2-ch power amp
    The money has been paid but goods not yet delivered or installed. I'm hoping to get some feedback from you gurus out there. If the above combination is horrible, I can probably still change the set-up.
    A few questions in my mind right now that I need help with specifically are:
    1). Why would they throw a pair of Revel Surrounds in the middle of the B&W speakers? I've always read about voice matching and all that stuff, doesn't this go against the "priciples" of speaker matching??
    2). Are the rear surrounds (SCM1) too small to match up with the front mains, which are a pair of N802's?
    3). For a room the size of 23' by 17', do we really need TWO 1000 Watts subwoofers?
    4). How does the name Proceed compare with other brands in the same price range? We were originally going with Lexicon, which, as I understand, is considered #1 by many for its seven channel processing capabilities. Due to the high price, however, my dad settled for the Proceed processor instead. Was this a mistake???
    5). Will the Proceed Amps drive the B&W speakers nicely? Is this a good Amp/Speaker match-up?
    6). Sub-placement: from the proposal, I see the subs being placed right under the Stewart screen, between the Center and Front speaker(s). I've always thought that subs should be placed in the CORNER, for best performance. Does the designer know something I don't?
    7). Since my dad did quite a bit of haggling (got the total price down by about 30%), I am a little worried that the installers might cut costs in other areas (i.e. cabling, etc). How can I ensure that the cables they use for us are of acceptable quality? (A true novice here, as I'm sure you can tell by now) =)
    All feedback, comments, advice, etc.. will be genuinely appreciated!
    Thanks guys.... (will post pics when we're done!)
  2. Miles_W

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    Aug 16, 2000
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    Germain, how could you [​IMG] I'm sorry you didn;t get the Logans... But as you said when you have your own HT. The B&W's are an excellent speaker also and the Proceed amps are fine... Don't worry about that stuff... you'll be fine.
  3. Roger Kaufmann

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    The system you have coming is a wonderful combination from what I can tell. The Revel's I can't really comment on because I've never auditioned them however I have auditioned all the B&W speakers and the Proceed gear you are expecting. Some months ago I auditioned the AVP against the Tag AV32R and liked AVP's sound better. The AVP (and Proceed) gets some raps because of Proceed's plans to upgrade the AVP. I now am leaning towards the Tag due to it's upgrade path, however when the time comes to part with my money I will do a new audition and then make a decision. I plan on also looking closely at the Lexicon MC-1 and if I can afford it the MC-12.
    About the only difference I would have made is instead of the SCM1's using Nautilus 805's.
    At any rate your system should sound great and yes the Proceed Amps will drive the speakers extremely well.
    Installation is a critical part of the equation, cabling is very debatable (get the models of the cables & interconnects they are going to use and then post your question), also placement, room acoustics, etc will all play parts in how the system sounds. It's a well known fact that installation will make or break how the system sounds.
    So that's my .02.
    R. Kaufmann
    My DVD Profiler Collection
  4. rodneyH

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    May 22, 2001
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    As a B&W fan, I am jealous
    the only things I would think about changing are putting 805s in the rear AND the sides (Revel makes speakers that, characteristically are similar to B&W-accurate, and very detailed highs, but I would rather match it perfectly).
    also, proceed stuff is good. I believe it is "budget" Mark Levinson stuff (proceed being more geared for HT and Levinson geared for Music and cost more $$$). my uncle has a similar proceed set up and uses the revel studios and salons all around a designated HT, so Proceed is really not consired "budget" but I have heard it called that on another site. btw, he has b&ws at his other home, and really like both brands of speakers.
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    Your dad sounds like a pretty smart guy who did his homework! The combo should rock the hizous.

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