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Good words about the Denon AVR-1705 (1 Viewer)


Second Unit
Nov 16, 2003
Just got this baby in the mail today from Crutchfield and was very excited. After much research I finally found a replacement receiver that I felt had met my needs. I had previously been using the Yamaha RX-V430 which I purchased a little over a year ago for 6ave electronics. The unit was decent and did a good job. But it didn't have any of the features I was currently desiring(Component Video Switching).

So I tried to do some research and could really not find too much information about this unit anywhere online except the basic stats. I decided to pull the trigger on the purchase considering Crutchfields 30 Day guarantee. So when it came this morning I immediately ripped out the Yamaha and shipped it off to it's new owner and installed the Denon.

All I have to say is WOW. The improvement I have gotten out of my speaker system(Paradigm Titans, Atons, C-170) is incredible. I have seen alot of people on here recomend upgrading speakers over the receiver, but damn if this Denon didn't pump some life into m y system.

The sound quality is much bolder and sounds less muffled. On CDs I can hear far more detail with a far livelier flavor. DVDs just sound so much more robust and give you more of that in the moment feel. For anyone else interested in this receiver this is a GREAT entry level model. Now I just can't wait for my Denon DVD 1910 to come!! And I'm adding a PB10-ISD this Friday! I think after this I will have cured my disease:wink:

Robert Cowan

Supporting Actor
Nov 10, 2003
cured? NO WAY!

i started with a yamaha rx-v640, then after a week i upgraded to a rx-v1300. its being used as just a preamp now and i have rotel and pass labs amps with it.

in january its getting upgraded to a b&k reference 50v2 and the rotels will get upgraded to b&k reference amps. and the end isnt in sight yet...

Kenneth Harden

May 13, 2002
Wow, 1705, 1910, PB10-ISD, you have an nice little system going on!

I am amazed how nice the 1705 is. Great piece of gear. ONLY thing I wish they did was add at least one more digital in.

You will love it. You seem to have found a great sweet spot in the HT world.

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