Good surround speakers for under $100?

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    Nov 30, 2002
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    I'm purchasing a new receiver (Pioneer VSX-d811s) and to go with it, I'm buying some new surround speakers. I don't have a lot of money to spend on the speakers, so I want something cheap......but something that I will be happy with. I have Technics front speakers (3-way floor standing with 12" woofers) and a Cambridge Soundworks Center Channel Plus. I am very happy with the Technics, and I hope that I'll be happy with the Cambridge center once I step up from my 200watt Pro Logic 1 receiver to digital. So, it's now established that I'm happy with $160/pair front speakers. I'm sure I don't need anything that expensive for surround, right?

    I'm looking for something under $100 shipped, and the closer to $0, the better (as long as I'll be happy with them) What would you recommend? Should I go Cambridge Surround II 5.1 since my center is Cambridge? Should I buy $60 Sony or Pioneer from BB or CC? I saw on this board that you can get Audiosource 360 5.1 for $95 shipped on ebay, and those are supposed to be good.... would that be my best deal (I could always use the sub)? What else would you recommend?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Go to your local Radio Shack and check these out:
    They aren't built by RCA: Ratshack has sold these since the late 70's in pretty much exactly the same form. They sound very good for their price--about $60 at a brick-n-mortar RS--and are built very well (they use full metal enclosures). Their sound is kind on the soft side, but still detailed. I should know: I own their big brothers with the 5" woofers! I use these for my surrounds since they closely match my older Boston Acoustics front mains (they look almost identical too). Don't let that small 4" woofer fool you. It's built like a tank, part of the first "super-minispeakers" to be sold (Radio Shack still sells the raw woofer itself if you want to look at it). They come in white also.
    Back in the 80's Visonik and a/d/s (where did these two cool companies go?) sold very similar speakers.
    And don't worry about the low efficiency--until the early 90s(?) they were sealed/acoustic suspension speakers and to produce as much bass as they did required some stout wattage (this design aspect has nothing to do with lowered quality) so lowered efficiency was the trade-off. But then they stuck a little port on the back; personally, I like the sound better with no port. I guess "loud" sells better these days. [​IMG]
    One possible negative point: these speakers are very heavy and wall mounting on thin sheetrock might be a problem.
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    I am selling a pair of Yamahas that work great as surrounds. Here is my ad in the hardware section if you are interested:

    I am selling a pair of Yamaha NS-A425A speakers. They are in outstanding condition and they only have one year of use on them. These speakers produce excellent highs and mids and can be used as mains or as surrounds. These speakers are magnetically shielded, so they can sit on or next to your TV or monitor.

    Each speaker contains the following:
    4" Grey Polymer Coated woofer and 1/2" dome tweeter. Frequency response is 60 Hz ~ 22 kHz.
    Dimensions: 9" H X 6" W X 4.25" D.
    Each speaker weighs approximately 4 pounds.

    I am asking $50.00 plus $10.00 for shipping and insurance via UPS.
  4. Chris Trot

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    You can get a pair of klipsch quintets off of E-bay for around $70 bucks, I have a pair and think they're pretty good

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