good question harman kardon avr 320???

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  1. David D. C.

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    Dec 30, 2001
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    this is a quote from harmans web page on their new line of recievers:

    A new era dawns at Harman Kardon, as it proudly introduces its first A/V receivers to incorporate 7.1-channel surround-sound processing.

    now 5.1 channel is your two fronts a center and your left and then right rears, right?

    6.1 is your two fronts a center and your surroundleft and then back left, back right, then your surround right, with the two backs working as one, right?

    is 7.1 the same as 6.1 but the two back speakers work independily istead of together?????if this is true would it be wise to buy a reciever that is before its time? i do not think there is a 7.1 format for movies
  2. Greg Robertson

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    Mar 25, 1999
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    From what I understand, (I have an avr-520, but setup for 5.1) when the receiver creates a surround field out of two channels it can process the two rear surround channels separately.

    If a 7.1 format does come out for movies, you're still safe with it since it has 8 channel inputs.

    ..ok again, I think it does at least. Like I said I have the next model up, but there aren't too many differences.
  3. John Garcia

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    As I understand it:

    6.1 is a single rear center, run as a single channel. EX/ES, which are still limited in number of titles available, are the only format I know of, that have 6.1 recordings. You do not need to have 7 speakers for this, 6 will work.

    I'm not sure how 7.1 works exactly, though THX/EX discs show a separate R & L center speaker, as well as R & L surrounds.

    Isn't 6 enough???? 5 is plenty I think!
  4. David John

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    Nov 26, 2001
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    H/K has their Logic-7 surround mode for stereo sources, which gives 7 channels of sound from the 2.

    However this doesn't work for 5.1 digital sources.

    Only 2 channel analog or PCM.

    And it can be used in 5.1 mode if you have no surround back speakers, which would be similar to DPL2.

    You can use 2 back speakers for 6.1 EX/ES, but it's still just 6 channels + the LFE.

    so as many people say 7.1 when they are really talking about 6.1, H/K does have a 7.1 format.

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