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    Seeking advice here...
    I have installed some outdoor speakers that I want to run off my HT receiver just to listen to cds or DVD-V soundtracks while in the backyard. Unfortunately, my receiver doesn't have a speaker A/B switch built-in. Therefore, I am considering purchasing a separate speaker switch that will allow me to switch out my indoor mains and switch in my outdoor speakers as needed. I don't need the ability to run both at the same time, so impedence isn't an issue here.
    I know these types of devices exist, but I am concerned that I will be degrading the quality of my mains' signal by running it through a switcher (I'm not concerned about signal quality to the outdoor speakers, but the issue is the same).
    Does anybody know of a high quality swticher that won't degrade the sound?
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    High-quality units are available from Adcom ( under "Custom" products) and Niles (
    The good folks at have the Adcom GFS-3 ($120), which is rated to safely handle 200 watts/channel RMS.
    It's very unlikely that there would be any audible degradation using a receiver. A few years ago I used a speaker switch box of very high quality (it is not available)--such as those mentioned earlier--and could barely, if at all, detect an audible difference using high-end components. And, if you know me from previous posts on this site, I am an extremely difficult-to-please listener.
    Also, Audio Advisor has a money-back guarantee.
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