Good Job, Walmart

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Christopher_S, Nov 13, 2002.

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    Oct 25, 2001
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    Walmart gets a lot of (deserved) flak on these boards, but I was so pleased with the way they implemented their price-matching policy yesterday, I have to say something.
    Before work, I went to Walmart with my TRU ad to get AOTC for 9.99. Frankly, our TRU is too far away, and I can't get off work at 9:30AM, so since Walmart was on the way to work and open at 6:30AM, that was the way to go for me. They didn't give me a bit of hassle about pricematching AOTC.
    I also bought FOTR:EE, and paid 28.86 or something. When I realized I could have pricematched Best Buy's 24.99 price, I kicked myself. And of course, it ate at me all day, because I'm a cheap b*stard. So on the way home, even though I didn't have the Best Buy ad with me, I thought I'd stop in and see if they'd mathced the deal enough to let me have it anyway.
    Well, they did, they had the ad behind the counter, and cheerfully (seriously, the young lady was smiling and friendly) refunded the difference to me. Then she THANKED me, saying not many people knew that they could pricematch.
    I usually avoid pricematching, etc., because so often you're made to feel like a jerk, a cheapskate, or a cheat... just because you're taking advantage of a policy set by the retailer to begin with. This experience was so pleasant, front-to-back, that I have to give it up.
    Anyone reading from Walmart, kudos to you and your employees at the Village Commons location, Thomasville Road in Tallahassee. You made my day yesterday.
    I also intend to call they store manager and give a good word for the young woman at the Customer Service counter. [​IMG]
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    When visiting the Super Wal-Mart they just put the $9.99 price into the scan system. $9.99 was their regular price. You did not even need the ad.

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