Good examples for testing progressive scan?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chris Vargas, Sep 6, 2002.

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    Hope this is the right forum; I also did do a search and couldn't find any threads dealing with this, but who knows if I typed the right magic words...
    Are there any good scenes anyone can recommend where you can see interlacing artifacts that are removed/improved by switching to progressive scan? I've found simulations of what one would see with and without pulldown, but I haven't been able to find specific scenes in specific DVDs... something like "Go to Chapter 23 in Phantom Menace and look for (example)."
    Reason: I recently got an ISF calibration done (awesome, by the way, highly recommended, huge improvement in picture quality IMO) and the calibrationist recommended that I use my TV's 3-2 pulldown capabilities rather than my DVD player's built-in progressive scan capability. Now, when it was my DVD player, I knew I was getting progressive scan cause a bright blue LED was on in front. [​IMG] Now, however, with the player's prog scan playback off, I've been switching back and forth on the TV's capabilities (it's a Toshiba and there's a film vs video setting), and it's tough to tell a difference at times, even when you might expect to see one (camera panning L->R, for instance).
    If anyone has any examples, I'd really appreciate it. I have most of the popular big releases, or could rent one if there's a good example in a disc I don't have.
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    oh man, there's a lot of instances that show the improvement...
    let's see...
    Pearl Harbor- right at the beginning with the crop duster plane, its a shot from behind the plane. interlaced you can see the jagged lines of the wings, progressive-nice cinema style smoothness.
    and... i can't remember any more right now cuz it's been a long time since I've seen an interlaced image... i'll post when i remember more scenes.

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