Good Deeds

Discussion in 'Movies' started by mattCR, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Tyler Perry may be talking this up and begging people to go, but frankly, this is some horrible film making. Outside of some MAJOR continuity problems, there are some other issues:

    Note: these occur in the first act, and are widely previewed, so no spoilers:

    * Woman with kid is near homeless; her excuse: husband was killed on duty in Iraq, and everything fell apart. (Problem: while it would be a hardship, direct families of a fallen vet receive a one time payment of $100,000, tax exempt as a minimum for all branches)

    * Woman then finds out that the IRS has garnished her pay.. like 80% of her pay, because she owes back taxes (if she was constantly poor, what kind of back taxes problem did she ever get with the government for a garnishment to occur, and more then that, there would be a court handling and an assessment of what she could pay, which would never be 80% of her salary, but whatever)

    * Things turn around in a lot of different ways (goofy), and because this gives away the ending, I will spoiler it:

    So, he tells her he loves her and surprises her with tickets to Africa for her and her daughter to come with him. The flight leaves "tomorrow, 9:30AM". Remember, she is homeless until recent and had all of her belongings tossed from her apartment in an eviction. Yet, next morning, on the plane, there she is, flying away.. HOW THE HELL DID SHE GET PASSPORTS IN 4 HOURS!?@?#?
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    So it's like all the rest of his work then? :)

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