Good deal from Best Buy -or- Toshiba 50A61 worth $$$?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Frank Stevens, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. Frank Stevens

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    Jul 6, 2001
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    Best Buy is having their Thanksgiving Day weekend megasale, and they have the Toshiba TheaterView 50A61 50" TV for $1099.99.
    Here are the specs:
    Multiwindow 2-tuner picture-in-picture
    3-line digital comb filter with vertical contour correction
    Multilinear digital convergence
    Advanced velocity scan modulation
    TheaterBright screen with super luminescent display (SLD) and built-in high-contrast TheaterShield
    Video noise reduction
    Wide 160° horizontal viewing angle
    30-watt MTS stereo/SAP sound system with dbx noise reduction and 2-speaker surround sound
    Sub Bass System
    2 ColorStream wideband component video, 3 S-video (1 front, 2 rear), 3 A/V (1 front, 2 rear) and 2 RF inputs; A/V and variable audio outputs
    Center-channel audio input
    Illuminated universal remote
    Anyone have one of these that they'd like to comment on? I'd love to get some feedback on this before I plunk down that chunk of change.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Steve Schaffer

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    Apr 15, 1999
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    You are about to get several replies telling you this set is not HD-ready, won't display 480p from a progressive scan player, has no line doubler to minimize ugly scanlines, and won't do an anamorphic squeeze, and that you should buy an HD-ready model.
    If you can afford to spend about another thousand dollars you can indeed buy an HD-ready model with all those advantages in a considerably smaller (43" screen size) For another 1500 you can get into a 50" widescreen HD-ready set.
    That being said, $1099 is an excellent price for a good analog set of that size, and if your viewing distance is about 13 feet or more the scanlines won't be too much of a problem. If your cable or other normal viewing source is less than perfect, a good analog set can look better than on an HD ready set because line doublers produce more digital artifacts on poor signals.
    In my opinion, that set at that price point is a very good deal. I think that Toshiba is probably head and shoulders above any other set you'll find within a couple of hundred dollars of that price in that size.
    While it may not have all the latest HD-ready related bells and whistles, the cost/benefit ratio is quite good.
    Up until a couple of months ago I had a comparable size analog rptv with an interlaced dvd player and was very happy with the picture quality.
  3. Mike Pgh

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    Nov 6, 2001
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    Frank - I just bought the 50A61 from BB myself about three weeks ago. Got it for $1260 and even that was a good price. At the price you quote you can't afford not to go with this set if you're looking for an analog RPTV. The Toshiba is head and shoulders above the rest in this price range. The picture, especially component connected DVD, is awesome. Even the ATT digital cable looks outstanding. I sit about 11 feet away and there are no scan lines visible.
    I chose NOT to go with HDTV at this time for a number of reasons. One, I had about $1000 in my budget for a new set and I definitely wanted a 50" or larger screen size. Two, I'm not ready or willing to deal with the whole HDTV thing yet plus I don't have or plan to buy a progressive scan DVD player anytime soon. When HDTV becomes the standard in a few years then I'll buy another state of the art set for that purpose and use this one in a bedroom or something.
    I couldn't be happier with my choice and highly recommend the 50A61.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention that you should buy the Avia calibration disc (also available at BB) and calibrate the display as soon as your get your set. The factory settings are WAAAAAY off. They have the contrast set as high as 100 in their "Sports" mode! Watch at that rate and you'll be lucky if the set lasts 5 years! For reference, after calibration my settings were as follows in case you want to check them against yours when you get it. I'm assuming you ARE going to buy the Toshiba [​IMG]
    Contrast: 36
    Brightness: 50
    Color: 52
    Tint: -9
    Sharpness: 18
    The picture will, at first, look too dark mainly because your eyes have been used to watching a poorly adjusted picture for so long. After a while it will seem normal and you will notice details that you never would see otherwise. Enjoy! Feel free to email me with any other questions.
  4. MikeSh

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    Oct 11, 2000
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    Boy reading this thread about 3 weeks late and it makes me mad. I bought my 50a61 yesterday for 1,329.29. Sure wish I was looking back around turkey day.
  5. Curtis_Stevens

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    Dec 16, 2001
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  6. Sujeet Patel

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    Jul 2, 2001
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    Depending on your budget, you can break into HDTV for not much more money.. I got a Toshiba 55H70, the 4:3 55" set, back in July for $1825 delivered. The 53H71 is the new model, that came out in October. It's 53". They can be found for roughly the same price, with some work. Quality will obviously be better than the A61. I had considered the 50A60 before I bought the 55H70, but for the extra $700, I decided to go for something that would last me more than a couple of years. My 2 cents worth.

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