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John Wes

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 23, 2002
For those who have thought about it but figured it isn't worth the hassle, really it's pretty easy to do.

I've a set of the Van Haus braided for the fronts and have had a few requests from friends for making them a set.

No way...Way too much work. So after reading about the Gomer cables, and having a lot of Cat5 left, I tried my hand at making one for my center channel.

Can I hear a difference? Well it's kinda hard to A/B but I think so. I was using a 5 foot chunk of Monster Cable, the 11 gage version that sells for around a $1.60 a foot. My daughter can tell which cable I was using every time. Soooo maybe these ears are just a bit old and tired..

My wires to the back speakers are 12 gage I bought from Home Depot about a year and a half ago. I should first mention that they have since replaced the brand they were selling at that time. Anyway, it's turning green.

It's a long run and both Gomer's site and Chris's site, recommend against long runs of this type of cable, I've pretty high quality amps in my receiver and decided to spin up a slightly different version of the Gomers..this one uses 20 pairs instead of 16..

Some pics.

Front Another view before final twist Coiled up A close up.

Joe Hsu

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Jul 2, 2001
Wow...that's some mighty thick cabling! About how many feet did you start with and how long was the final product? We use lots of CAT5 at our store, so I should probably be able to get it pretty cheap...I could do it in my spare time here ;)

Very nice!

John Wes

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 23, 2002
Joe, I started with around 33 feet and ended up with almost 30 feet.

I just made a 27 and a half footer from exactly 30 feet for a friend of mine who wanted 4 each at just over 6 foot..

The beauty of this is you can make a long one and cut it up. Both cables end up being twisted equally.

It also just occured to me that possibly other members might not know what I'm talking about when I mention Gomer or Chris cables....

VenHaus braided..

Gomer cable

Also for the record...I'm no expert on speaker cable. I thought after reading glowing reviews on the VenHaus cable, I'd try it...and then someone pointed out to me, the Gomer cable.

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