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    A big bird's nest in Northern Finland is being monitored through a webcam. (The site has navigation links in English.)

    The European variety of the Golden Eagle, Aquila chrysaetos, is what we call a "land eagle".

    Although it's not the most endangered species of animals here, there are nonetheless at most 400 pairs in this country. Every summer, there are reports in the news media on the success (or lack thereof) of the birds' nesting habits. These birds are easily disturbed and simply the presence of humans in their habitat is a big threat to them.

    The webcam has generated a lot of interest in a bird which people normally never get to see, and the site, which has only been online for about a week, has had quite a few hits already.

    According to the site's owner, the nest is being monitored by a wireless motion-detecting webcam communicating with the web server via GPRS. Two hours after the last picture has been taken, the web site software requests the camera to snap a picture and send it to the server the next time there is movement in the nest. The web server software will automatically enhance the picture when necessary and post it to the Web. The quality is surprisingly good, although night time shots lack colour.

    My favourite picture of this mean-looking bird (taken today at 2:31pm local time, about seven hours ago):


    "You talkin' to ME?"
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    that's pretty [​IMG]

    Beautiful forest.
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    Rich Travale
    Man, when I heard people say that Scandinavia and British Columbia are very similar, I had no clue how right they were.
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    I absolutely love eagles, thanks for the link!

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