Going to Worlds of Fun..any other fun family spots to see?

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    My wife, 3 year old daughter, myself won an expense paid trip to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City so we're heading up there mid May.

    Question is are there any other fun spots around that area that's fun for the family (especially a 3 year old)? We thought about a place called Kaleidoscope, and also considered Union Station. Any thoughts on these places?

    We'll arrive on a Friday afternoon, then spend part of Saturday at WOF, then hopefully find another fun spot Saturday afternoon.

    Also, is there any decent family restaurants around WOF area...something other than the usual fair of Applebee's etc. Maybe a nice local place?

    Thanks for any input you locals may have..

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    Food at Worlds of Fun is high, and for your three year old, really only Camp Snoopy will be a hit, because outside of that, it's mostly a coaster/thrill ride park.

    Oceans of Fun is right next door and may be a good experience.. and it's walking distance away.

    I see you're coming up from Oklahoma.. hmm.. WOF is out in the NE part of the city, so there aren't a lot of great spots to grab onto [​IMG] Though you're very close to Kaufman Stadium (Royals) etc.. if you want, Sunday @ Royals Stadium is free food for the kids and they get to run the bases afterwards, not a bad event for small kids..

    I'm still trying to think of great food right near there, but my honest advice is that from WOF to the downtown isn't that big of a distance, and making that short jaunt you can go to some of the better eateries in KC, everything from Hereford House to Golden Ox or any of the numerous BBQ joints around town (hunt up the BBQ thread for some examples).

    Right next to WOF are mostly pancake houses.. (IHOPs and the like near the hotels). I'll say this once again: eating inside of WOF is monstrously expensive; you are free to leave the park to your car and return to WOF anytime during the same day if you keep your receipts, etc.. I always have packed lunches, etc. for the kids when we go, so we can leave the car and eat.. or I shove them in a diaper bag. One trip to spend $50 on four slices of pizza and cokes was enough for me.
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    Kaleidoscope is a huge field trip destination for kids so I bet your daughter would like it. The website says age 5 and up, but I would imagine a 3 year old could enjoy it. Crown Center, the shopping area where its located, is a fun place also for a kid.

    I've been to Union Station for dinner, but never as a kid so I can't really comment on the new science center, but it could be fun.

    Another fun thing to do in KC for young kids would be the Zoo. It does not compare to some of the more famous Zoos but a baboon is a baboon to a 3 year old. Don't get me wrong, in no way is our Zoo trashy, but don't expect San Diego.

    Obviously you are going to WOF, which I think your daughter will like since they tend to stick to one ride for the whole day at that age. [​IMG] Its been years since I have been, but get a funnel cake with powdered sugar; you won't regret it. Oceans of fun is a must if you are already out that way. Not the most intense waterpark in the world, but great for little kids.

    I completely agree with Chris about trying to eat somewhere else. Downtown has some great places as both the Steakhouses Chris mentioned are awesome. I believe the Golden Ox is under new ownership as it was closed for a while, but its a KC tradition. If you can make it to The Plaza it can be a fun, upscale shopping district, although it could be a bit boring for a 3 year old now that FAO Schwartz is no longer there.

    Also, while looking for the Plaza's website I ran across this site. It could be helpful.
    it's all about kc kids

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