Going to buy new TV today, have one question..

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    Guys and Gals,

    It has been awhile since I have posted, so bear with me. I have been doing some research and looking through past threads about HDTV direct views. I already have a Mits 46805 HDTV and panny RP91 for my home theater. I am looking for a TV for my home office. It will used for watching cable and for playing video games, i.e. xbox, ps2, and gamecube. I have no intention of watching DVD's.

    I am looking for a 27-32" TV to satisfy my needs. I am currently looking at the Samsung lines of T.V.'s. I am not sure if I should buy the 30" widescreen or the 27" 4X3 or the 32" 4X3.

    The question I have is really regarding 3:2 pulldown and how important it is with the XBOX and Gamecube and PS2 with their progressive modes. I am not sure if the XBOX or PS2 does 3:2 pulldown. Actually I am pretty sure the PS2 and Gamecube does not, however, I am not sure about the XBOX.

    Most games are still in 4:3, but the trend seems to be shifting more into widescreen. If I buy the 30" widescreen tv, does this tv have different cinema modes, to be able to stretch without loosing proper aspect ratio's. Like my mits locks into widescreen when it sees progressive with the XBOX and Gamecube.

    Or do I buy a 4:3 HDTV with 16:9 compression and with or without 3:2 pulldown.

    I will look further into this, but If anyone has any suggestions please help!

    Thanks, and I am glad to be back.

  2. Mark Giles

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    Might give a shot posting this in the Games Section...
  3. Jack Briggs

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    Are you sure you want to buy something so ambitious and sophisticated as an HD-capable direct-view set for such uses?
  4. Aaron Cohen

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    I have a 34 inch 16x9 Sony XBR. PS2 does not offer any sort of progressive scan but Gamecube does with the optional component cable pack only though (which is only available directly from Nintendo).

    Several newer Gamecube games including Eternal Darkness and Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet have an anamorphic widescreen setting. The picture is very nice on this mode and it can only be accessed with either a 16x9 television of a 4:3 television with squeeze as there is no option for lotterboxed widescreen, only anamorphic.

    I own an XBOX as well but I have not played it for more than 6 months which is before I got my HDTV. I don't have the HD cables for it and I'm not sure what games are in widescreen though I know some are.

    Of your choices, I would get the 30 inch widescreen. If you were going to be watching DVD's on it I would suggest getting the 34 inch instead but I think you will be very happy playing video games on a 30 inch widescreen. Many in the future are going to have widescreen settings. And games stretched (such as Super Mario Sunshine which does not offer a widescreen otion) or wide-zoomed on my television look fine.

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