Going to buy a TV soon and I need some advice

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    I would love to get an HDTV, but I have to keep it under $1000. The only HDTV I have seen for under that price is the Samsung TSL2793HF ($899). The problem is while it does look nice it is only 27" and I hear that Samsung's like to break down (heard from a friend that works at Best Buy). The 32" model is nice but that is about $300 more lifting it out of my price range. So the models I have been looking at are:
    Panasonic CT36D11
    Sony KV32FS13
    Toshiba 36A41
    I am leaning towards the Toshiba because it looks nice, the picture quality is great, and it has 850 horizontal lines. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these models or some advice for me. I really want an HDTV, but the good quality ones are way out of my price range. If you could give me some advice about buying a TV, the brands, or the models I would appreciate it.
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    Those are all nice models and you probably cannot go wrong with any of them. I've had a Tosh 35" for over 8 years now, had one service problem that the took care of. It is now my bedroom TV.
    One thing you didn't mention, I'd look at the JVC D series 36" before you jump on one of those sets. Also, since these sets are very similar to each other, seeing them side-by-side is a good idea. You may find that one just looks better to you than the others.
    Size is cool and Tosh is good mid-level gear, but see if you can comparo them side-by-side in store other than Best Buy. Even CC is better than BB, but if you can find a store in area that is really a TV/Video store check them out there.
    Jeff Leeds
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