Going from 48khz to 96khz..is there a REAL difference?

Discussion in 'Music' started by ReggieW, Nov 11, 2003.

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    Well, the thread title says it all. I was discussing the merits of DVD-A with two well-read acquaintances from Dreamworks today, and they basically said that "you were being sold a bill of goods" when it came to high sample rates. They didn't deny that DVD-A sounded better than redbook CD, but they attributed it more to bit rate and studio equipment than actually sample rates that were well outside the limits of human hearing. Afterall, can we really sonically here a difference in Donald Fagen's "Nightfly" if it were say 96khz instead of 48khz? All I know is that some of my favorite titles on the format are 24/48 and I certainly don't find them lacking in comparison to the 96-192khz discs I've heard. I didn't really know how to respeond to them other than to say that most of the DVD-A's I have also have CD counterparts, some of which I also own, and even in two-channel, the DVD-A usually sounds better. I have to agree with them that there is probably certainly more than sample-rate at work here. Perhaps word-length is more of a factor? I don't know but would like some opinions.

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    I suspect sampling rate alone is not going to be the sole factor. I borrowed a Rotel RDV-1060 over the weekend to try out its DVD-Audio capabilities. I also have a bunch of 24/96 DADs. The best sound I was previously able to get out if the DADs was on my old Proceed PMDT as a transport having the PMDT output 48k vs. 96k and sending it thru a Micromega DAC (which will only handle 48k anyway). Definitely more depth and definition than using the DACs in my pre/pro (which has good 96k). Well I was floored (how good they sounded) when I played them thru the Rotel (which allows you to select 48k or 96k output and I had 96k selected). I had last listened to them on my Samsung HD1000 which will only output 48k anyway thru the DAC. So my point is that it is equipment/system dependent on what your can hear as well. The underlying mastering process is also import, just look at what they can do with XRCDs or even a well mastered CD. The same was true when I played DVD-As via the Rotel. I am not a fan of blanket statements when it comes to audio especially. I also prefer to listen and hear it for myself rather than just look at specs and make arguments. If one looks at the frequency response for equipment (e.g. CD players), it is easy to come to the conclusion that they all sound the same or similar.
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    is there a real difference? yes, of course. if a car was going at 60mph and another at 120mph there would be a difference. sampling at 98khz is twice as frequent as 48khz [​IMG]

    Is it audible?

    Well... lets take movies for example, if you were watching a video at 12fps you would feel the video jerk, whereas at twice the speed 24fps you wouldn't notice the frames. Say then, for example that 24fps is about as low resolution you can get for film-quality video. Does 48fps video look better?

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