Godzilla....WM bargin bin...Good story too!

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by Ed O'Neill, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Ed O'Neill

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    Mar 20, 2003
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    Hey I know this movie wasn't that great but I went to Walmart to get Nemo yestarday and right on top was Godzilla(1998 version). Having never seen it I bought it as well as Johnny Neomonic.

    So last night I watched Godzilla and I've got to say just the menu screen made the dvd worth $5.88.

    Here is the reason why... I'm in the tweaking stages of my sound system, also I just recently bought my subwoofer.

    So we turn the movie on and of course I haven't got the powered sub perfect yet so my son(6) says "daddy why is the screen shaking", I said "I must have the subwoofer volume too high, maybe I should turn it down before it ruins the tv". Then my wife says" are you serious is that really from the subwoofer and will it really ruin the tv". I of course just start laughing and tell her NO! it's the way the dvd is. I then said "you know just like we thought there was something wrong with The Ring dvd"

    All I could think of after this was those "Priceless commercials"!

    Scaring your wife to death...Priceless

    Hope you enjoyed this
  2. Paul_Medenwaldt

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    Ed thanks for the price alert for this one. I will have to pick it up.

    I'll always remember this movie for the one scene that made me talk to the screen. It was the scene where godzilla is chasing the helicopters through the city and I believe it's the last chopper to get smashed. As he is chasing it the pilot is radioing back to his commander "I can't shake him" or something along those lines. I sat straight up in my seat and yelled "Go Up". The audience I was with was probably thinking the same thing, they erupted with laughter. Good effects but it does have the cheese factor going for it.

  3. Malcolm R

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    I had that same thought while watching it the first time, though I don't think I yelled at the screen. [​IMG] Just one of those nonsensical, illogical scenes that take you right out of the film.

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