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God Bless The Broken Road, My Thoughts (1 Viewer)


Jan 25, 2021
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I watched last night the movie God Bless The Broken Road with Lindsay Pulsipher as Amber Hill, a Gospel Choir director who becomes a Widow after her Husband is killed in Afghanistan, both her and her Daughter, Bree played by Makenzie Moss, are shown struggling to get by two years after his death. Don't get me wrong, I liked the film, but what Hollywood seems to loose touch with reality is, that when a spouse to an active member of the Military looses his life in combat, that his Wife and kids will be getting financial assistance from the Government and/or Military after he was killed.

This film had the Wife working long hours at the local diner to help pay for bills, such as the mortgage on the house (that she ends up loosing, even though she got money to pay for it from work and hocking her Wedding ring), food, and anything else they needed. In reality, she wouldn't need the money from the diner when she would be getting money from the Government.

Granted she could work to have additional money for things, but it wouldn't be as a waitress, she could have had a much better job than that to go along with her benefits (her own Mother-in-law offered to help her start her own business). Another thing that bothered me was seeing her driving around in a broken down old minivan, that makes no sense, cause with her benefits (that the filmmakers didn't bother giving this character) she'd be driving a better vehicle than something that is on its last legs, so to speak. I seriously doubt a Woman who was married to a sergeant in the Military would have a broken down vehicle for her and her kid even though he was deceased.

This movie had religious tones to the film which didn't bother me, but for a person who was a active member of her Church, and had friends still a part of the Church always in her life, knowing that she was struggling, why didn't they just tried helping her more? Instead of having fundraisers to help raise money to give to the Wife and Daughter or tried to get a counselor to come in to check on her, they just kept telling her that she just needed faith and God will provide. I was raised in the Catholic Church and that didn't set well with me. If her friends were so religious and full of their faith, why didn't they just do more to help her?

I was always taught that to be a better Catholic was to try and reach out to others in need by donating either with money or to offer them my help by being there for them, to help them anyway I could or to be comfort for them when they are in pain and don't know where to turn. This movie tried to send a good message, but it could have been better.

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