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Nov 1, 2017
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Martin Dew

Global Availability of New $3,000 Hisense 80-inch Laser TV

After the company showed off its award-winning $10,000 100-inch laser TV at CES this year, Chinese TV brand Hisense has now launched a new 80-inch L5 laser TV in Beijing. With its 'highly affordable pricing,' the company claims its new product is well within the reach of families with modest incomes. Hisense goes on to suggest that the upcoming World Cup in Russia will spur a huge uptake of large format displays to view the games, particularly in its native China.

Hisense also claims that the popularity of laser televisions was hobbled by drawbacks, namely the lack of brightness in the image and the extravagant prices in the market thus far. The newly launched L5 laser TV has purportedly solved these two pain points, with the model sporting 400 nit brightness - a substantial increase over existing laser models - as well as a new generation custom-made Danish DNP high gain anti-light hard screen, which is destined to provide a clear picture display no matter how bright the surrounding light.

The TV is also promoted as a display which negates the need for curtains or blinds to enable comfortable daytime viewing. As the device is powered by a reflective light source which is 'comfortable to the eyes rather than dazzling,' and despite its 80-inch height, the screen can be viewed comfortably even when sitting as close as 3 meters (approximately 10 ft.), greatly reducing the amount of living space that would need to be set aside as a viewing area for the home theater.

The second barrier to laser TV ownership has also been mitigated, as the new laser product will hold a price tag of approximately $3,140, allowing the model to become a 'successor of first choice' and augurs Hisense's comprehensive participation in the large screen television market.

With the Russian World Cup just about to kick off, the demand for large-screen and high-definition smart TVs is on track to explode, according to Hisense. The brand new VIDAA AI system that comes with the Hisense L5 laser television is equipped with features such as an automatic sports mode, star recognition and screenshot sharing of select moments, transforming the unit into a 'best game watching companion,' while the company also expects laser television to become 'the big disruptor' in the home theater market for 2018.

Despite the company's emphasis on global availability of the new TV, there is little expansion on the distribution channels or specific pricing for North American markets. We'll watch this space and comment on developments as they occur. If any of you on HTF have had experience of the Hisense laser platform displays, please let us know in the comments below.
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Oct 31, 1997
I'll be very interested to see this in person. The price/size ratio is right, but it's the performance that will make/break a sale for me.


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Nov 20, 2002
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80"...minimum 10' "comfortable" viewing distance...is this a 1080p display? Still, laser TV for under $5k. Holographic displays, I may live to see them.

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