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Gilmore Girls + Global Television Network == EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT (1 Viewer)

Martin Rendall

Dec 5, 2000
First, let me point out that Global is showing Gilmore Girls 8 days behind the WB, so I can't converse in the official thread without being spoiled. Hence this new thread.

So my first question is, why are they a week (plus a day) behind?

My major complaint, however, is with Global's HD channel. They have the audacity to show the regular SD feed upconverted on their HD channel but claim that it's in HD in the Rogers STB listings. Why the hell would they do that?!? I'll tell you: they are funadamentally opposed to widescreen (just look at their treatment of Andromeda), and think that they get the marketing checkmark by having the channel, and aren't going to bother with the actual HD content.

They also managed to completely bungle the audio last night on the HD channel as well. I suspect their stereo feed into a DD encoder had one side out of phase. All the audio was coming from the surround speakers.

There is exactly one show I can tolerate this season, and this is it. Thanks Global for making it a disappointment.

OK, vent over. I think I can move on now. :)

Nov 28, 2000
Well, you could always watch it on WNYO on the Rogers box. I have an OTA HD receiver with an itty-bitty indoor antenna and regularly use it to watch Buffalo channels in HD. Unfortunately, WB49's Digital channel is in VERY low power mode due to a conflict with a non-existant Canadian station (long story), but their analog signal is very strong.

Global HD is a joke. Actually, all Canadian HD channels are a bit of an embarassment. CITY is the only one that SOMETIMES shows something different than the US networks in HD. CBC should be firing up their HD transmitter in January. At least they can offer some alternate programming. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy US programming, but I prefer to get my programming from the source (in my case OTA) in its original form.

The sole purpose for CTV-HD and Global-HD is to ward off the trickle (soon to be a flood) of consumers buying HD set top boxes to use with their new HDTV's. These are all lost viewers without an HD presence.

Paul Sandhu

Supporting Actor
Jul 21, 2003
Well City does the same thing with Smallville (showing it 6 days behind the WB) it probably has to do with some contract thing or scheduling because I remember that City used to show Smallville the same time as WB two seasons ago.

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