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Gilmore Girls 5/7/02 (1 Viewer)

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
More snappy mother-daughter dialog, more of the town treating Rory like her sh!t don't stink. I'm still annoyed at Lorelai, it's going to be a while before I enjoy her character again. Glad Rory and Luke are okay with each other.

Okay, it was funny that Lorelai's dad wouldn't/couldn't offer his ex-secretary/assistant to match her current salary (as if working for him would be such a treat at less pay). Sometimes you have to wonder if Lorelai's parents live on the same planet as the rest of us.

Lane's music addiction leads her to a clandestine plan to pick up the drums unbeknownst to her mom on Wednesday and Friday nights.

Next week: Rory visits Jess in New York, much to the dismay and anger of Lorelai - muhahahahaha! Love it that Rory is giving Lorelia ulcers nowadays.

Darren H

Second Unit
May 10, 2000
This episode was worth watching for two reasons:

- "I need to rock!" -- Lane. Funniest line of the season. It was so nice to see her getting some solo screen time, and even better to see her share the stage with Carole King.

- "It wasn't Jess's fault." -- Rory

"I know." -- Luke. That was just a great scene, one of my favorites ever. It reminded me a lot of that moment when Rory sat down with Max and told him that she had really wanted him to be her stepdad, and he told her how much he had wanted to be. While she would never admit it, Rory really craves a father figure.

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