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Gilmore Girls 4/23/02 (1 Viewer)

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
Sheesh, better late than never (no one started a GG thread for last week's episode, and I finally got around to watching it tonight).
Finally Lane makes an appearance - very funny bit about her future in Sales.
Richard gets his groove back after advising Rory's economic project (they come up with some wacky locker first-aid kit with stylized boxes and accessories - they didn't win the competition, but it stoked Richard's competitive fire once again).
Dean finally comes to grips that Rory's heart belongs to Jess, but not after he acts like a love-sick fool, leaving countless messages for Rory to spend time with her, but she' making herself less and less available to Dean. Even Lorelei tries to help Dean, but it's too late, the damage is done, and "Dean and Rory" is toast.
Michel's mother shows up, and they are simply a hoot, that is, until Lorelai spills the beans on Michel that he is now a non-carbo eater, which turns his mother from being his best friend into a mother, something that Michel can't tolerate, and blames Lorelai for bringing his mother back to him. :)
Suki goes ballistic when they misspell her name on the wedding invitations (Suzi).
Damn, I love this show. The dialog is to die for.
Did anyone know that Alexis Bledel (Rory) is 20 years old? She plays precocious 16 very well.
Next week - things look bad for Rory as she totals the car that Dean built for her with Kess at the wheel clowning around.

Darren H

Second Unit
May 10, 2000
I love this show because of scenes like this: Rory and Lane run into Dean, who wants Rory to come to his softball game (as most teenage guys would). Rory, who has become increasingly distant from Dean for several episodes now, finds several excuses to not go, then finally smiles (forced) and says, "We'll be together tonight, right?" They give each other a little peck, then go their separate ways.

The writers on Gilmore Girls are the only ones I know of who remember that their characters are kids. Rory's never dated anyone before, so she honestly doesn't know that it's over, or, at least not intellectually. But it's written all over her body language (great performance from Bledel). She doesn't know how to break up with someone. She's never done it before. Plus, she's so genuinely nice and she's so completely convinced that she is "in love," that she's deliberately resisting other feelings at all costs. Good stuff.

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