Giant 50hz spike with SVS. Suggestions without buying an EQ?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Ben Reierson, Aug 29, 2001.

  1. Ben Reierson

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    Oct 3, 1999
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    I just moved back into my dorm room and have run into some HT problems. Over the summer I pretty much replaced my entire audio system. I went from using Energy Take 5s and a Sunfire Truesub, to 5 nOrh 4.0s and an SVS 2039PC. I also added an Outlaw 1050.
    The sub sounded GREAT at home, in a much bigger room, now I have this huge 50hz spike. Not only that but I don't seem to get anything below about 30hz. I think the extension problem is probably caused by turning down the sub low enough so I don't blow out my ears when I hear bass in the 50hz range.
    Now, the easiest fix would be to try different positions for the sub, but that's not so easy. This is a dorm room, there is pretty much only one place the sub can go without being in the middle of the room (which I'm actually considering). So I'm looking for alternative/additional ways to tame this spike without spending money on an equalizer.
    Couple things I've thought of:
    1. Try turning down SVS's crossover below 50hz. Problem is the nOrhs will probably not fill the gab between 70hz and 50hz very effectively.
    2. Use the "bass boost" switch on the SVS somehow. I forget what frequency range this switch centers on. Ron, Tom?
    3. Use the Bass control on the Outlaw 1050 somehow. I also don't know what frequency this centers on. Anyone know?
    I really need help here. Any other suggestions?
  2. John Chow

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    Sep 18, 1998
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    One word: Phase. Mess with it, it has a good chance of completely changing your frequency response.
  3. Timmy

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    Sep 22, 1998
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    John has the right idea. If you can, dial up the offending frequency, then adjust the phase control until the peak is reduced to the levels of the other bass frequencies.
    Its an enexpensive way to gain results.
  4. SVS-Ron

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    Jun 2, 2001
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    John's advice could help some. You might try setting your mains on large and switching in the crossover and dialing down a bit on it. Phase will be even more influential in this case.
    Placement is key, but understand your limits. In the end, an equalizer will be your best tool. It's perfect in this sort of instance.
    Holler and if we get a b-stock/return in you can get it at our lowest price. When all else fails, spending money is sometimes the only way to solve a problem.
    P.S. The PC amp bass boost is centered at 30Hz, but I can't recall the slope. Messing with that might help too, esp. in combo with the above. Eq. would be simpler but try everything else first.

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