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Discussion in 'Computers' started by DaveBB, Jul 15, 2004.

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    I recently got a 802.11g card for my laptop to use when I am traveling. I plugged it into my computer and it detected to network and I was able to connect to it. I was surprised since I did not purchase a router: so I'm mooching off someone else's network.

    I live in an apartment in a densely populated area so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. When looking at the connection properties it says the connection is excellent and running at 11Mbps; so whoever has the network is using .11b. Also under the properties it say the network name is "default".

    I already use Zone Alarm for my firewall but was wondering what I should do? I have no idea whose network this is and now stable it will be. Is there a way to secure my computer further so the "owner" of the network can't see my information? Is there a way, besides going door to door, to find out whose network this is?
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    Sounds like somebody has a router set up and left all the settings as default (usually channel 6 with no encryption) and is running it right out of the box. Your card is set the same so you're getting their signal.

    It's simple to protect your computer from that network, it just depends if you plan to keep mooching off that signal. To protect your computer just change the default settings on your wifi card and change the channel from 6 to whatever. You'll no longer pick up that signal though.

    If you're wanting to keep using their signal, I'm sure there's some sort of way to protect your PC somewhat with Windows network settings. Someone else will have to give you that info.....
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    First, I am afraid I must say, connecting to a network that is not yours, regardless of the lack of security implemented is illegal

    Alrighty, disclaimer done. . . now then, to keep your computer from connecting to other networks, you can disable the card in your network properties, or you can set up a wireless profile and have the card look for a non-existant ssid.

    for safety reasons, turn of file sharing and set zone-alarm up to view the connection as an internet connection so it sets your computer into "stealth" mode.

    something you should do for fun - head over to and download their little program, it will scan the airwaves for packets and tell you all the wireless networks in your area.

    The best that you'll be able to find out about a person is what ISP they use (from their internet-side IP address). You might be able to find more difinitive information from files on their computer, like their name from a document, but this is extremely illegal and thus not reccomended.

    Professionals use a yagi (directional antenna) with a signal meter to locate sorces of broadcasts. While possible for the average person to set up, it's rarely worth it.

    uhm, I hope all this stuff helps you out some!

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