Getting ready to buy a RCA P61310 HDTV...advice? Reviews?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Trevor Harveaux, Jun 6, 2001.

  1. Trevor Harveaux

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    I'm about to enter the HDTV and projection TV arena. Is there anything I should know before buying this set? I haven't found any reviews of this set yet, and I can't blow three grand on a lemon. I mostly watch DVDs with a just a little bit of tv. It has a built in receiver, will this be a problem in the future? There is ONE composite input on the back for a progressive scan player.
    The reason I like this set are:
    61" screen
    HDTV receiver built-in
    Decent price
    Top size*
    *I plan on putting this set against a slanted wall and having the top of the set short (rather than a tabletop), will allow me to get a 61" versus a 40".
    RCA P61310 HDTV
    RCA P61310 HDTV comes with the capability of receiving every analog and digital broadcast and DirecTV satellite signal currently available. (An elliptical dish, and programming subscription is required, and sold separately.)
    Product Features:
    * 61" diagonal Digital High-Definition Projection TV
    * Digital Video Resolution (1400H x 1080V)
    * High-Definition Optical System
    ****- Custom-Designed 5-Element Digital Lens System with Color Correction
    ****- High-Grain Dark-Tint Screen -- 25% Improved Brightness
    * INTELLIFOCUS™ Auto Convergence
    * 3D Y/C Digital Frame Comb Filter
    * Advanced Twin Tuner™ Picture-In-Picture (NTSC Only)
    * SYNCROSCAN™ HD Component Video Inputs
    * SRS(•) Focus Audio Technology
    * Optical Output Dolby Digital Audio
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    If memory serves, back in 98 when HDTV was first being introduced, Thomson (parent company of RCA and PRO-SCAN) announced 16/9 HD rptvs with the direcTV/terrestrial tuners built in. They were to be available under the ProScan and RCA names and were to me made for Thomson by Hitachi.
    This set's "intellifocus" sounds a lot like Hitachi's "magic focus".
    Hitachi built a 61" 16/9 HDTV with the tuner built in, forget the model number. It had magic focus, but also had the 6 element lenses of the Ultravision series.
    Hitachi's new single line of 16/9 sets are designated SWX01B, preceded by a screen size (53 or 61 inch, I think). They do not have built in HD tuners, but do have 2 sets of component inputs, both of which can be configured for HD or 480p from a progressive dvd player. They have magic focus and the top end 6 element lenses. They make 2 separate HD-ready 4/3 lines, the SDX Ultravisions with magic focus and 6 element lenses, and the less expensive FDX series with no magic focus and 5 element lenses.
    This new RCA looks like it might be a sorta 16/9 Hitachi FDX with magic focus and a HD tuner thrown in.
    If it is made by Hitachi, it is probably a reliable set with a good picture, but not quite as good as the more expensive Hitachi SWX line.
    If it's not made by Hitachi, all bets are off. Thomson-built rptvs
    have been known to use mylar sheets instead of real mirrors.
    Steve S.
    I prefer not to push the subwoofers until they're properly run in.

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