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    Aug 8, 2001
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    I am getting closer and closer to choosing the components for my mini HT and would really appreciate any help that you could provide me. I will certainly post pics to repay your kindness when I get everything set up.
    Budget has been set at $4500.
    I will be needing a projector, screen, CD changer, DVD player, speakers, subwoofer, and receiver. I think that with careful planning and good deal hunting a nice setup can be had for $4500.
    Please make suggestions. I am very serious about getting and installing these components within the next three months. I have already sold a watch for $4500 in anticipation of the project.
    Thank you very much.
    Joshua Blevins
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    Dec 18, 2000
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    No clue as to the projector or screen, but my guess is there would go the lions share of your budget. For example, the NEC LT 150 projector goes for $2,500, leaving you with $2,000 for everything else. Not a viable option, IMO.
    But here are some ideas:
    ceramic nOrh 4.0 package - $850
    SVS 20-39PC - $779
    Denon AVR-1802 - $500 (can be found for less)
    3 nOrh Le Amp monoblocks (LCR) - $800 (will also get you well on your way to separates)
    Panasonic RV-91 - $500 (can be used as both a cd & dvd player)
    TV - $800
    Wires, interconnects, banana pluges, calibration DVD & sound meter - $270
    That is a relatively balanced system now that will allow you to be able to upgrade in the future. What size room will the HT be in?
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