Getting better mid bass and lower base respone and accuracy

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mike_J_Potter, Mar 7, 2004.

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    I currently have a Infinity Entra .5 setup consisting of 4 sat speakers a center channel and a 10" powered sub, ran off a HK AVR125. For movies the setup sounds pretty good, after a bunch of experimenting with the speaker locations. The problem is for music the highs sound good but lower end stuff seems to be lacking accuracy and it tends to sound boomy, or light on the bass since the little speakers handle the bass instead of the sub. The all the speakers at set to small right now. Would changing the fronts out for some towers to some thing like entra threes to voice match help at all? Or would waiting until I upgrade my amp in a while do more good, since I could pick some higher end stuff when I have more cash. I can't drop too much cash right now thanks to a almost dead water heater thats due to be replaced, as much as I like great sound being able to take a longer shower without freezing is important too LOL.
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    If your speakers are set to small, they should not be handling the bass any differently than with movies. If it sounds good with movies, music should be mostly OK as well.

    As is almost always the case with smaller bookshelf speakers though, music is usually where they will be deficient. Without enough extension to blend with a sub at a low enough point, you will either get a gap above the crossover point, or push the speakers beyond a frequency range they are comfortable with.

    I'd check the settings on your receiver first, as it may be a situation that can be corrected with properly setup bass management. If settings don't help, you may want to consider larger Entra speakers as mains to improve music.
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    You'd probably have to do both. With small satellites, you just can't expect them to get good bass response. I upgraded my mains from Take 2.2s to Veritas 2.1s, running off my H/K AVR225. That was ok. Borrowed my Pioneer Elite from the basement to give the mains more power. Much better. Then I added at Rotel 1075 power amp. That improved midbass and bass response alot. I'm happy now, but it took alot of cash to get it up to this level.

    But for you, speakers first. Then amp. You'll have to replace the 125 because it doesn't have preouts. [​IMG]

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