Get 'SeaLab 2021' on DVD

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  1. Rob Lutter

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    Nov 3, 2000
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    like the topic header says... sign my petition to get 'Sea Lab 2021' on DVD!
    Get Sea Lab 2021 on DVD!
    My DVD Collection/ AIM: roblutter/ email:[email protected]
    "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba da ba Bebop Cola...yeah" -Sealab 2021
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    Mar 14, 2000
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    I signed it Rob, Sealab is one of the funniest things ever on tv and they have already made like 8 or 9 episodes, a DVD of those could be released right away. Maybe you should go to and see if they will put it on there main page as a news article, that would get some signatures.
    Edit: I just remembered after I posted, there was an article at ToonZone a few weeks ago which said that Sealab was the highest rated show on Adult Swim, that proves there are a lot of fans out there. Hopefully this Space Ghost and Brak will come out soon.
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