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get most from Atmos

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by dooroo, May 25, 2019.

  1. dooroo

    dooroo Auditioning

    May 25, 2019
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    john jons
    new guy, hi...

    looking for some advice on tweaking the current system which is;
    Denon AVRX2200W powers a 10 year old Aperion 5.1 = 2 towers / ctr ch / 2 surrounds.. .the sub blew for 3rd time so using a cheaper Sony, which works o k ....

    when buying the Denon, picked up some Jamo spherical speakers(set of 5) closeout that i "thought " i could use 2 of the down facing, for Atmos effect...
    which is not the case , meaning , not getting much out of them, and would like to get 2 speakers to replace,
    (or add to)
    which will give me a better sound when watching a 4K disc on my Oled screen !

    it's a smallish room , ceiling is not an option nor are side walls ...15' across, center seat to the screen is 11' , my center seat /ear level, sits 20-22" from rear wall, but
    could position new speakers from 10 - 50" above ear level or from 10 - 30" above screen on the front wall
    85% of time it's all about the music and that is fine ..but

    want to take as much advantage of the sound from the movies ... 4K and netflix ...also, have come to realize that i can only add 2 atmos enabled speakers,
    to this Denon and not replacing that which has me moving away from those and in this direction ...

    looking for the best choices for 2 different rear speakers (or front?) which will give me the best bang for the buck and improve the audio quality of the movies ...
    looking in the $200 or under range ... placement of said speakers recommendations and since the Jamo (rear speakers) are there ,
    can i just leave them and wire the new choice to them, in ? parallel or ?

    thanx very much

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