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Thomas Agermose

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Jan 22, 2002
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Thomas Agermose Jensen
I was in Flenburg the other day, and noticed that Karstadt
had low prices on DVD's (15-20 euro).

I wanted to buy some, but didn't because I don't want DVD's with dubbed content (film and/or extra material).

Can anyone recommend some German DVD's that are not dubbed?


Second Unit
May 20, 2002
what exactly do you mean by not dubbed german DVDs?
I guess you want the original soundtrack (mostly english) on the DVD. In that case you only have to check the distributor/Studio. If it is warner Columbia,Fox,Universal, Paramount and other big Companies then there will always be the original english(or whatever) soundtrack on it. If you see smaaler unknown(at least outside Germany) labels like BMG, Kinowelt, Concorde and so on then you have to be more careful. They usually have the original sountrack on the disc too but either with forced german subs and/or in stereo only while the german track gets 5.1 DD and DTS (which I think is absolutely stupid). Extras are for big studios in the original language sometimes with german subs(removable and nonremovable) For the smaller studios extras still remain original with german subs. I guess it would be too expensive to translate the extras.
I think it's really strange how cheap german DVDs are ( you can pick up the german edition of LOTR for 23.99€) But the quality and extras are not as good as ebglish or french R2s.


Roland Wandinger

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Feb 13, 2000
But the quality and extras are not as good as ebglish or french R2s.
There are some cases where the Germany DVD version of a particular movie has less extras than other Region or parts of Europe but if the DVD is released by the same studio as elsewhere, let's say WARNER, than the video and audio quality is 100% the same.


A view good German DVDs are:

Read Heat (16:9/English DD 5.1/some extras)

Flash Gordon (1980's version) (16:9/English DD 2.0)

also announced as German only releases are:

Dune (1984) 3 disk set

It will feature the theatrical cut in anamorphic widescreen and English DD 5.1 as well as the 3 hour TV cut in English DD 2.0 and a third disk with extras. It is supposed to street in July or August.

The Never Ending Story

This will be the European cut of the movie which is about 7 min. longer than the US cut which was released on DVD by WARNER last year.

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