George Washington Mini-Series Missing Hour

I'm so bummed. This release was delayed for weeks. I finally receive it today and the first mini-series is missing the first hour of episode 2! I emailed them tonight, but since they licensed it, I'm not too optimistic. Ugh!

Ethan Riley

Senior HTF Member
Oct 12, 2005
4,067 the hell did that happen? Interestingly, it's suddenly "out of stock" at Amazon...interesting because it was released only three weeks ago. Maybe it's been recalled. Meanwhile, sellers are still trying to unload the original vhs version for about $700...

I hope they write me back, because that's a major mess-up! All of the other episodes have the openings and endings. This one runs about 42 mins. with no opening credits. I wonder if this is why it was delayed. Maybe I got a bad copy, before they fixed it. I've had it on pre-order for months.

Well, Amazon told me that they aren't selling the item anymore and they gave me a full refund. I'm still disappointed.

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