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George Harrison/Jools Holland....the upcoming new CD..any news? (1 Viewer)

Jon Sheedy

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 30, 1997
Been hearing about George's new album, which is said to be extraordinary by the few who've heard it. He's said to have written a couple of songs with Jools Holland (Squeeze)..the first of which is called "A Horse To Water". A few other track titles include, "Valentine", "Picses Fish", and "Brainwashed". Think the title of the CD was to be "Portrait Of A Leg End"..but that might have changed also.
Just wondering in anyone has any additional information? I'm especially interested in who produced...Jeff Lynne again? Was to be released in November, but I think that has probably been pushed back or we'd have heard something by now.
Very excited about finally hearing some new George Harrison music after so many years. Cannot believe that George took 14 years after Cloud Nine to offer up his next one! He was on such a roll with Cloud Nine..why'd he wait so long?
Anyway....as a longtime Harrison fan I cannot wait and this pairing with Jools Holland sounds perfect!
Don't you wonder sometimes
'Bout sound and vision

The Thin White Duke

Anthony Hom

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Mar 24, 1999
In a recent GH interview, I believe he did not have Jeff Lynne produce. They are still friends, he just didn't want his new album to sound like ELO again.
He has enough material to make 3-4 albums, but he's also busy remastering his back catalog. After doing All Things Must Pass, he wants to re-master all his other albums and include bonus tracks.

John Tillman

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Feb 2, 1999
Don't know anything about his new album. I picked up the re-mastered All Things Must Pass and it is very good.
Very clean sound with good separation, plus some re-mixings thrown in. I love it when you hear old music and you start hearing things you never heard before. Was that Acapulco gold really that good back then :) or did George just do a real good re-master job? Probably a little of both. If you like Harrison's guitar style then pick this up, it sounds great.
Quick question about George. I know some lunatic attacked him a couple years ago and I recently heard he was terminally sick. Is he OK?

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