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    I've had a Toshiba TN50X81 since 2/2000, which I've been very happy with. While I've set it up using VE, the unit has never had an ISF calibration. There's always been a minor problem with the picture, however. The extreme left side of the screen [about 2-3 inches] has a definite "bowed" look. For example, if you were watching a letterboxed movie, the image on the far left side would curve slightly upwards on the top and curve slightly downwards on the bottom. When viewing a conventional 4X3 image you would notice it for instance while watching ESPN SportsCenter, where the bottom box with the scrolling scores would bend down a bit on the far left side of the screen.
    Has anyone else had this problem with an X81-series set, or with any other rear projection set, for that matter? Would this be something that would be relatively easy to correct from the service menu [I'm wary of fooling around with the service menu given all of the tales of people who have screwed up their sets by not knowing what they're doing in service mode] or would it require a qualified technician?
    While the unit is now out of warranty, I do have an extended warranty in place, but I have no faith that the tech would be able to know how to handle this [I purchased the extended warranty more for situations where the unit has a major malfuction; I'm not sure I would utilize it for a relatively sophisticated picture adjustment]. Any advice regarding this problem would be appreciated.
    Ray G
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    I had a TN50X81 that had the same problems. It was a topic of discussion when the sets first came out. I tried to adjust it out on mine in the service menu but never was able to get rid of it. Mine finally developed problems with holding the convergence and after many failed attempts by the service center to fix it The Good Guys replaced the set. They no longer had the 50X81 so I traded for the Sony 53HS10. You may check around on some of the HDTV sites and see if anything comes up.
    Good Luck

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