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    Rare Genesis 700 centre channel in rosewood. One of the finest CCs ever built. Much better and well built than the 750. $500.
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    While many companies have rushed to fill the growing home theater market with quick redesigns of existing products, only a few companies have taken their time to do it right. Our goal in the design of a high-end home theater product has been to establish a new, reference standard of audio performance for both music and video - a benchmark for the industry. After two years of design (influenced heavily by our highend roots), critical listening and redesign improvements, we have achieved our goal.
    Genesis 700

    Black $1,500 USD
    Rosewood $1,750 USD

    We are proud to introduce the Genesis 700. Based on much of the same technology found in our $100,000 Genesis I Reference System, the 700 is a musically-accurately, dipole design in the tradition of all Genesis reference loudspeakers. So honest is this speaker's performance that the 700 is equally at home in the finest music systems, as well as home theater environments. Used alone or in conjunction with the Genesis 900 Subwoofer System, the 700 can create a lifelike, holographic representation for either music or home theater applications.


    The 700 incorporates two technologically-advanced and different driver designs to create its sonic magic. The bass and middle frequencies are handled by two shielded, custom-designed 6.5" long throw metal-cone woofers, and the higher frequencies are reproduced by a shielded version of our famous l" circular-ribbon tweeter, one in front and one in the rear.

    The 700 can be used. in either a horizontal position as a center channel, or in a vertical mounting on either stands or wall mounts as the front, rear or main channels in a music or home theater system.

    The crossover is a two-way, 4th order, Linkwitz-Riley phase-correct design that incorporates custom wound Genesis capacitors, oxygen-free copper inductors and the finest parts available.

    The design, quality of materials, and fit of the cabinet are critical to the performance of any loudspeaker. The 700 is unique in both its performance and its construction. Built from heavily-braced 1"-thick MDF for the sides, a 1.5" thick front baffle, and covered in either black ash or South American rosewood, the 700 can truly lay claim to a no-compromise approach.

    Because every room and listening situation is different it is not possible to design a loudspeaker that is perfect for every application. Knowing this, Genesis has continued in our tradition of offering you unmatched flexibility. In the rear of the 700, there are two controls, one for the tweeter level and one for music or video. The tweeter level control allows you to adjust the volume of the tweeter to perfectly match your tastes and your system. The music/video switch in the rear of the 700 allows the bass contour to he optimized for either application.

    The Genesis 700 has exceptional dynamic range for a speaker of its size. It is capable of easily handling several hundred watts of power and producing SPL levels approaching that of live music.

    With a frequency response essentially flat from 48 Hz to 32 kHz, the 700 is a full-range loudspeaker for all but the lowest frequencies which, if necessary, can be augmented with the addition of a Genesis 900 subwoofer.


    One of the most critical aspects of a loudspeaker's performance is the ability to maintain a flat energy response off-axis because we typically listen off-axis. The fact that a speaker is flat (in its acoustic energy output) on-axis is an attribute, but it is not as critical as its off-axis response. Very few loudspeakers ever achieve anything close to the level of smooth off-axis performance built into the 700. In fact, the off-axis response of the 700 is so good it is often hard to tell where the speakers are in the room

    Whether you are interested in music, home theater, or both the Genesis 700 is an unparalled choice.


    Cabinet Dimensions:
    21.5 inches tall
    13 inches front to back
    10.5 inches wide
    Weight: 55 pounds each, no crate
    Frequency response: 48 Hz to 32 Hz +/- 3 dB
    Loudspeaker Impedence: 4 ohms
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