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    May 28, 2004
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    Out of the General Mills dvd promos, which of the DiC series would you like to see released in season sets?

    Me personally I wouldnt mind seeing Inspector Gadget, Super Mario Bros, and Heathcliff released in season sets. I use to love watching these three cartoons while growing up, and I would be thrilled to see them get season set or at least box set treatment.
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    Aug 3, 2001
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    Gadget and Mario are being released in-airdate-order, in single-disc releases. If they sell well enough, DiC/UAVCO may go back and release collections of them in half-season or full-season box sets later. But personally, I won't wait. [​IMG]

    Heathcliff either just saw or is about to see the release of "Heathcliff the Movie" on DVD, which was a re-edit of 7 episodes from the set. They are using the opportunity to re-promote the 2 previously-released DVDs. If all sells well, it's possible they'll give Heathcliff the same treatment as Gadget and Mario, but that's not by any means to be taken as gospel at this time.

    Use the News By Show feature at TVShowsOnDVD to find individual news items for all of this.

    For now, here's a link to the cereal news, for those that missed it!

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