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    I recall seeing a thread detailing what exact a receiver do. But I am still a bit confused. Can anyone answer these questions?

    Does a receiver come with an Amplifer. I hear the term Pre-Amp is used a lot with a receiver but not an Amplifier?

    The Processor component of the receiver decodes digital information from the audio/dvd disc. What are the different formats out besides Dolby and DTS?

    Do receivers normally come with a FM/AM tuner?

    There are higher end models out there with 6.1 and 7.1 outputs, does this mean it can support 6 or 7 speakers? Are these standards supported on normal Audio CDs or DVDs?

    And finally, what are some of the features you look for when considering purchasing a good receiver?
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    Jan 6, 2001
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    A Receiver combines a preamplifier, i.e. the processing unit, amplifiers, and am/fm tuner.

    In addition to DTS and DD, the preamp part of the receiver might have several DSP modes, eg. 5-channel stereo. I believe regular 2 channel PCM is another property.

    Except in rare cases, the 5+ amplifiers a surround-sound receiver might have derives power from a single power transformer.

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