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    Aaron Karp
    I have been curious as to why receivers have different equalizer settings for rock, classical, jazz, etc. Why isn't the music mixed with the correct balence of frequencies in the first place?

    I can understand equilizer settings being modified to accomodate for different room accoustics, or as a step in simulating different listening environments (concert hall, ampitheater, etc.), but I have wondered why different settings based on the type of music is not like second guessing the decisions of the sound designers or other people responsible for creating the mix.

    Also, why do many people associate more treble with better sound. I know that bass has a big "thump" impact that will make people think the sound they are hearing must be good, but what does treble have?

    Thanks any information on this you can provide.
  2. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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    Feel free to ignore those EQ pre-sets. They are really based on nothing, as far as I’m concerned. Whoever sets them up has no way of knowing what kind of speakers you have, room treatments, etc. As always, use your ears to decide what sounds good to you.

    Happy Holidays,

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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