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    Hey Folks-
    Our other threads keep getting eaten,
    and this is my attempt at starting another
    Anyway, I was watching the FINAL DESTINATION DVD,
    which has no blantant gay factors, and listened
    to the cast commentary, and have two questions:
    1) Kerr Smith, the str8 actor playing the
    gay-character on DAWSON'S CREEK,
    mentioned that he has another film coming
    out about now where he plays a "flamboyant" gay character.
    He it was something other than THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB,
    which I have heard he plays in bit part as one
    of Dean Cain's conquests... Anyway, has anyone
    heard anything about this other film?
    2) There is an actor in FINAL DESTINATION,
    who plays Billy Hitchcock, and he was
    also in AMERICAN PIE and ROAD TRIP.
    I thought I heard somewhere he is openly gay.
    Is this true? If so, it is great to see him
    playing so many characters that are NOT gay.
    Hopefully, that will encourage other gay actors
    to be open.
    (Dean Cain just said at the GLAAD Awards,
    that while he is very proud of
    he has actor friends who are gay
    and not open because getting non-gay
    parts would be tough afterwards.)
    I assume he is talking about young guys, since it
    seems like a non-issue for older blokes
    like Ian McKellan, and while Rupert Everet
    appears to be doing okay, thought
    it seems like 70% of his characters are also gay.
    Just me thinking aloud again.
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    Just for the record:
    Administrators: Please do not move or close this thread!
    Rob Gillespie
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    Real Name:
    Steve Tannehill
    And I'll make this the Official Gay Friendly Thread of the Home Theater Forum.
    - Steve
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    Well then let me join in by asking,
    If a guy loved movies like Trick, Opposite of Sex, and Broken Hearts Club (not on DVD), Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss, and Steam, what are some recommendations to add to the list?
    I'd love to have a nice collection of gay films but don't have too much direct-exposure to many.
    I've heard that Beautiful thing is really good but it's not out on R1 DVD yet. It's a Sony Pictures Classic so hopefully we'll get a nice 16x9 transfer when it finally gets here.
    -dave [​IMG]
  5. Mark Walker

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    Jan 6, 1999
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    I will post a list of all gay-themed DVDs I own,
    and rank them within the next week.
    To all-
    GREEN PLAID SHIRT is coming to DVD.
    Has anyone seen it? It looks like another
    little indie film on par with DEFYING GRAVITY,
    which is not bad, but not anything to cheer about
    Wolfe Video also lists several other films I have
    never heard of coming to DVD soon. (Anyone heard
    of SPIN THE BOTTLE?) Anyway, one they list is
    BEEFCAKE! I haven't seen it, but based on what someone
    said in the old thread, I will buy it outright.
  6. Trace Downing

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    Tampa Bay
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    Trace Downing
    The Beefcake talk was me. Interesting and different...sort of a docudrama with LOTS of nudity. [​IMG]
    David; pick that one up.
    Your tastes and mine seem to be quite in line with each other...so here's my favorites, some of them don't have a complete gay story, just some gay elements.
    Pecker: John Waters' yarn about an amateur photographer thrust into the ironic New York art world...his latest film before Cecil B. Demented (New Line) 16X9 enh.
    Get Real: not as sweet and touching as Beautiful Thing, but a teenage love/shame story done well none the less.(Paramount) non-anamorphic
    Like It Is: Another Brit film about respect and betrayal. Roger Daltry (The Who) plays an absolute catty bitch in this one. (First Run Features) non anamorph, making of, trailer, and commentary
    In & Out: Do I really need to describe this? (Paramount) 16X9.
    American Beauty: The anger and shame that one character put himself through just might be missed by most who can't identify with his TRUE feelings. I'm not talking the obvious, but on a much more deeper (feelings of life has passed him by) level. (Dreamworks) DD or DTS/16X9, supps galore.
    Gods and Monsters: Angst ridden older gay man, finds comfort in a gardener that resembles one of his creations. Like the old "gay" movies, but they weren't as good as this one. (Universal) 16X9/ lots of extras.
    Fight Club: Yeah, they beat the crap out of each other...but it's such a turn-on! [​IMG] (Fox) 16X9, double disc.
    I also like, but don't have...
    Bedrooms and Hallways: Pan-n-scan picture, big mistake.
    Edge of Seventeen: Haven't gotten around to ordering it.
    Top Gun: Don't give me any of that "Oh no it's not" crap. Tony Scott loves to film close-ups of sweaty young men. Why put a volleyball and shower scene in an action "guy" film? Kelly McGillis can be edited out and the main story is still there (I know, I've scanned through her scenes). [​IMG]
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    Dec 17, 1998
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    (First, I would like to commend the people who kept this topic up and running, even when posts starting disappearing. A very good read, and very informative).
    I would like to address Mark's earlier comments about Kerr Smith and Seann William Scott (who plays Billy in "Final Destination").
    I have heard Kerr was in "Broken Hearts Club" as a bit part, which he really didn't think was a part anyway, just a passing. But he did mention another indie movie that he will play a gay role in, which has a bigger part. Most likely, it will come to Sundance Film Festival (hopefully). What the title is, I don't recall him ever mentioning it anyway.
    And as for Seann William Scott, I am positive he is not gay in RL. I think you may have confused it with the fact that he starred in the gay internet drama TV series called "Chad's World" which is the first show I saw/noticed Seann. But I do remember reading, prior to his official fan website, that he is a devout Christian (like that really means anything) and attends Church regularly.
    As for gay-friendly DVD's, I picked up "Bedrooms & Hallways" several days ago and LMAO watching it. This movie reminded me of "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss" meets "Chasing Amy". I read a review that Rose Troche had a hard time finding a distributor for this film after a year of searching and pitching the movie. I can see why too. Luckily, FRF picked it up and kept most of the on-screen kissing between the men. If this movie was picked up by a mainstream distributor, all the kissing would have been cut down to one or two scenes (very unnatural), and shortened down tremendously even more so than its current length of time. Oh, plus, James Purefoy can really act and looks very natural in his character role in this movie. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I also enjoyed "Defying Gravity". I just wished they had a bigger budget so they could have fleshed out some of the characters (especially the black girl, who seemed to be a mentor/supporter for the main character, but who also had her own issues to deal with), but because of lack of budget, they finished wrapping the movie in 13 days. This is a very understanding movie, since the rise of the gay population admist fraternity membership seems to be growing every year (although no accurate percentage can be given...given the stigmatism of 'coming out' in a fraternity is the most fearsome thing one can do), and there will bound to be fraternity brothers who will come out of the closet eventually whilst in membership or as alumni.
    I also enjoyed many other recommendations made on this list, especially "Lillies", which is very refreshing to see an all-male-cast, some playing female roles. It's been awhile since watching an all-male-cast. China was the last (?? - or one of the last) country to offer an all male cast (for their Peking Opera) until Communism took over. Although I have seen an all-female-cast, some playing male roles, in Taiwan, it's refreshing to watch an all-male-cast. And some of these men really do a splendid job in their female roles. When I was watching this movie, in my eyes, none of the guys, who played female roles, looked like guys anymore. They were 100% female as best as many female actors would do in such a role.
    Of course, there are many others, mainly those that hit the Sundance indies circuit (and lately, it does seem like Sundance is taking in more and more gay films every year) like "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss", and mainstream films like "Birdcage" (although I thought the original French film, "La Cage aux Folles", was better IMHO) and "In & Out".
    Now, question, why are all the non-mainstream (or non mainstream distributed) gay-friendly films in Pan & Scan mode and not in widescreen? I know a few were filmed with 1.37:1 ratio, like "Defying Gravity". But there are those that seem like side-cropped hell. It's annoying. I want widescreen, but it doesn't seem like it'll ever happen. And what is up with barebone discs too? No widescreen, no extras, and it feels like I'm watching an enhanced VHS. Frustrating...yes. Watchable...luckily the stories are captivating, if they weren't, I'd be screaming. Pricepoint...freaking expensive for a barely above-par VHS version. Okay, those were my questions and rant about them.
    Please be nice when responding.
    Thank you all for reading (well, for those that lurk or post).
  8. Mark Walker

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    Jan 6, 1999
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    One comment about Bedrooms & Hallways:
    I LOVE this film. It is not true pan-and-scan,
    but open matte.
  9. Mark Walker

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    Jan 6, 1999
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    In response to the last part of your post,
    I suspect most "bare-bones" DVDs coming
    from independants are due to a lack of
    funds to really give them the extras.
    Those small distributors, like First Run Freatures,
    and Strand Releasing simply have very tight budgets,
    and figure they will still sell product on DVD if
    they get it out here.
    They have little budgets, and they know
    we are starved for good gay films on DVD.
    (Which also explains the level of dedication
    to threads like this one in here.)
    Hopefully this will change, like I noticed
    that I Think I Do which is a decent
    (not great) romantic comedy has a commentary
    track on the Region 2 release in Europe.
    Here in the states, it isn't even on DVD yet,
    and it is an "American" film with an American
    cast, director, and setting.
    Wolfe Video shocked me by having a commentary track
    on Rites of Passage, which is another title
    that other posters in here liked more than I did.
    (Okay, I'll confess I bought it, unseen, because
    hottie Jason Behr, from tv's ROSWELL, stars in it.)
    Also, In The Flesh has a commentary track,
    though the film REALLY PISSED ME OFF.
    Also, you can buy Beautiful Thing as
    a region free DVD, on eBay, from many sellers
    in China. The DVD is NOT a bootleg, but you
    also have to deal with slight cropping (it is
    framed at 1.66:1 and the film's OAR is 1.85:1)
    and deal with Chinese subtitles.
    I am glad I have it.
    Same for Wilde: eBay, more slightly cropped,
    since the film's OAR is 2.35:1.
    Glad I have it too!
    Also, with those Chinese eBay sellers,
    you can usually just send them an e-mail
    and outright buy a copy of these films on DVD.
    I hope that Strand Releasing does a good job
    with Psycho Beach Party, which I hope
    comes to DVD sooner rather than later.
  10. Trace Downing

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    Aug 19, 1999
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    Tampa Bay
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    Trace Downing
    Regarding "Beautiful Thing"...
    The rights to this is owned by Sony Pictures Classics. Although it's never been announced for Reg 1 DVD, Columbia/Tristar would be doing the honors when it is. I have 2 DVDs under that label (Oposite of Sex, and Spanish Prisoner) both are given the same respect and treatment that bigger titles (Like Arlington Road and Starship Troopers) are given. Unlike Paramount Classics, whose "Get Real" was the ONLY non-anamorphic title Paramount released this year, it'll be anamorphic and have at least a trailer. It just might be worth the wait.
    "Broken Hearts Club" is also owned by them. Funny how I never cared what studio made a movie before DVD. It just goes to show the discrepencies in quality/care given to th work.
    On another note... Showtime just sent me a mailer about QAF. I'm reading it, and the pertinent info is that it starts Sunday, Dec 3rd...runs for 22 episodes. You can pre-subscribe to Showtime if you don't already have it, so it comes to you by the 3rd, by calling now to 1-800-883-2744 x468...no discount advertised, but they'll at least know why your subscribing.
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    Omaha, NE
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    CJ Paul
    Speaking of Gay friendly... did anyone catch MSN's article on gay commercials? I never really thought about it, but you know the visa commercial where the guy runs out of money and ends up getting DON tatooed instead of DONNA? Well... the girlfriend gets really pissed off which implies that if this guy is gay enough to have I love Don on his arm then he is a loser. Nice message visa.
  12. David Ebbert

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    Although this isn't DVD specific, I just watched the first 6 hours of the American version of Queer as Folk.
    This is a fantastic show and the 2 hour pilot episode will be premiering on Showtime on December 3rd at 10pm.
    I hope that they would release the DVDs sometime in the future.
  13. Mark Walker

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    Jan 6, 1999
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    David, who do you know? [​IMG]
    Seriously, I found my spread sheet with all my
    DVDs listed on it (a friend, understandibly, wants
    to start borrowing them from me instead of going
    to the rental store..I have more DVD than most
    rental stores anyway.)
    So here is my list of gay-friendly DVDs that
    I own with rankings as follows:
    ***** = I totally love it
    **** = a good film, easily worth owning
    *** = if it wasn't gay-themed, I probably wouldn't like it
    ** = bad acting/bad plot/bad film
    * = I never should have bought it
    Keep in mind this is my HIGHLY subjective list.
    Alive and Kicking ****
    Brit drama about a gay dancer with HIV and his
    maybe future boyfried. Deals with image, loss
    and suriving.
    Bedrooms & Hallways *****
    A cross between AB FAB and FOUR WEDDINGS,
    just plan on liking it for the humor and
    protagonist's journey of self-discovery
    rather than any specific romance in the film.
    Specs: full frame, region 1
    Beautiful Thing ****
    Yet another coming of age/coming out drama.
    The boys are refreshingly un-stereotypical,
    and I just love those Brit accents.
    (Only available in the states as a Chinese
    import, which is slightly pan-and scan.)
    Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss ****
    Almost a great film. It has moments of greatness
    lost in a character that one feels compelled to yell,
    "Grow Up!" at. Still, the female lead in the film
    does that for us, as does another supporting character.
    Specs: widescreen, audio commentary, trailer
    Blithe Spirit*****
    The Noel Coward classic directed by David Lean
    waay back when. The film doesn't really have any
    gay content until one of Rex Harrison's very last
    lines in the film.
    Boys Briefs**
    A collection of "award-winning" shorts.
    I would hate to see the losers! Barring
    a couple of films, this collection is
    like mining for gold: you gotta' sift
    through a lot of mud to find any treasure.
    The Best of Boys In Love***
    Better than the collection listed above,
    but just barely.
    Boy's Life****
    Yet another collection of short
    films. I find this set to be a vast
    improvement over the others previously
    Boy's Life 2***
    Not as good as the first collection,
    but not bad either. Just personally
    had a hard time connecting with these films
    This film shows that gay men are
    just as boring and annoying as stright
    people. It wants to be the gay version
    of THE BIG CHILL, but there is no one
    for the audience to like in the film.
    Broadway Damage***
    I'd probably like this film better
    if I was 21 again. I just find all
    those "dating problems" too tired anymore.
    And the happy ending left me moaning "Oh, puleese."
    The Crying Game*****
    Great movie, horrible transfer on DVD.
    The Daytrippers****
    Calling this film "gay-friendly"
    may be a misnomer. Still excellent
    drama with Hope Davis, Stanley Tucci,
    Parker Posey and Ben Stiller's mom
    (I forget first name.) One of the
    few films with a family arguing that
    I actually like.
    Defying Gravity***
    Low budget flick about a gay guy
    (and his maybe boyfriend)
    at a college campus in Cal.
    Dido & Aeneas****
    If you don't like modern dance,
    skip this disc. It is the Mark Morris
    Dance Troupe performance.
    I really like it and still
    thank the person who mentioned it
    in the original thread!
    Edge of Seventeen*****
    It looks and feels like the low budget
    version of the gay John Hughes teen drama
    we never saw in the 80s. I love this
    film, but then it hit close to home for me.
    I would like this film more
    without the drug action and
    the so-depressing storyline.
    Still, Philip Seymour Hoffman does
    a great job as the drag queen who
    teaches DeNiro how to talk after a stroke.
    Sorry, but like someone else was
    discussing Top Gun, this film for
    me is really about the love Jude Law
    has for Ethan Hawke. I must be love!
    Jude Law is genetic perfection, indeed!
    Get Real*****
    While this is yet another gay teen story
    from England, the main character is wonderfully
    at ease with being gay. Sure no one knows,
    but it stems more from practicality than
    problems with self-acceptance.
    I suppose if I didn't find the lead so
    completely engaging, I would
    call it a well-made after school special.
    Gods and Monsters*****
    I can only take a movie like this from time
    to time, but it was so well done, and I felt
    so much, and it inspired me to buy every James
    Whale film on DVD... so...
    Happy Together****
    Won Kar-Wai's film about to gay Asian
    men who try to keep their relationship
    alive by moving to Argentina. Sure
    the film is bleak and whatnot, but
    I also have rarely felt such intimacy
    for two characters.
    Head On****
    A day in the life of a gay Greek-Aussie hunk
    whose family traditions and the
    close-knit Greek community
    in Austrailia are suffocating him.
    Killer Condom***
    A German horror-comedy set in New York,
    with a cop and the male hustler he loves.
    Wierd, freaky, and only for those who like
    those campy, midnight movies.
    (I will do L - P another day, and then
    follow that with Q - Z)
  14. Alan Light

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    Thanks, Mark. I look forward to the rest of the list. I agree with all of your ratings so far, except I might give Gods And Monsters 4 stars instead of 5. Just a quibble. Otherwise quite amazing.
    By the way I have also heard from a journalist friend of mine who has seen the first six installments of the American Queer As Folk that it is indeed quite amazing. I am told it is not as fast-paced as the original, but it just as delightful - and just as bold, if not more so.
  15. Darren H

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    I'm glad to see this thread return. I lurked frequently in Version 1.0 and was consistently impressed by the level of discussion.
    Two questions. . .
    First, have any of you heard any details about the upcoming adaptation of Kushner's Angels in America? I believe it's being produced by Showtime or HBO. I read an interview with Robert Altman a few years ago in which he described his plan to film both plays at their full length and release them simultaneously -- giving us the opportunity to walk out of the theater showing Millennium Approaches and straight into Perestroika. What I would give to see that. I'm sorry it fell through (and that we got Richard Gere as a gynecologist instead [​IMG] ). I read both plays for the first time two years ago and deeply regret missing the opportunity to see the stage productions. I'm working on a Ph.D. in 20th c. American lit and have no qualms calling it the finest achievement in American drama (with A Long Day's Journey into Night fighting it to the finish).
    Second, I don't recall anyone mentioning Atom Egoyan's Exotica in this thread. Don McKellar plays a gay pet store owner who smuggles rare animals into the country. He's not the central character, but does play a critical role. Exotica is one of my favorite films of the 90s, mainly because it treats sexuality as the incredibly complicated minefield that most adults recognize it to be, but don't often see depicted on film. I've never found a queer reading of the film, though. I'd be curious to hear your responses.
    "Peace is our profession."
  16. Jeff Kleist

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    Speaking of which, can anyone out there tape QAF US for me? I'm perfectly willing to send a tape/postage to anyone for it. I won't have cable again till around February, and the only people I know with Showtime, I'm not about to ask to tape this. The area in which I live is DEFINATELY not gay friendly, and while they are great guys, it would just not be good [​IMG]
    Jeff Kleist
  17. Alan Light

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    Aug 3, 2000
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  18. David Ebbert

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    To: Mark Walker
    Hello Mark,
    I am the advertising manager for Ohio's largest newspaper catering the the LGBT community, the Gay People's Chronicle. Showtime sent us the first six hours of Queer as Folk on VHS.
    The whole series will be twenty-two hours. The first episode is two hours long and all subsequent issues are one hour. They will be shown on Sunday nights at 10 pm beginning December 3, 2000.
    Showtime is also supporting Queer as Folk with its own comprehensive website, which will launch with the premiere of the show. Users who log on to to queer.SHO.com prior to the series launch will have access to character profiles, synopses, production information, photos and more.
    Upon series launch, Queer as Folk will be the most elaborate site ever produced for a Showtime original and will extend the attitude and content of the show to the online universe.
  19. Kong Chang

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    Hi Mark:
    I live in the States. I only referenced China being a country in terms of on-stage actors with an all-male cast (where men would also play female roles).
    Anyways, I also love Bedrooms & Hallways. Quite the film.
    As for QAF (US version), I have been waiting for that since my friend introduced me to the first. I am a big fan of This Life (because of Jack Davenport) and my friend recommended to me QAF (UK version) since critics have been raving about it in the UK. And now the US version is coming. Of course, I had my doubts because of Joel Schumacher's attachments whether or not the series will turn out as good or better than the original. But if it is as good as Showtime is making it seem, then it should be just as spectacular as the original if not more so.
    And Jeff Kleist, I will be taping it every week and converting all tapes into mpeg format and burning onto CD-R (mainly because I need to send it to my friend in the UK so he can see the US version). If you want, I can send it to you in CD-R format, that way it won't degrade like tape copies (albeit mpeg1 looks like crap, but hey, it's still watchable).
    Now back onto DVDs, I am trying to find another good gay-friendly DVD theme movie that is heart-warming and endearing like "Bedrooms & Hallways" is. Any suggestions? I have a lot that Mark posted but I need an endearing tale. I'm a sucker for sap and romantic comedy.
  20. Bob_Mandel

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    As usual, Fox Lorber provides little info, but if you weren't already aware they are putting out several DVDs of interest on December 5th:
    Man of the Year
    Different For Girls
    Paris is Burning
    Coming out Under Fire

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