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Gargoyles season 1 and Flinstones season 2 (1 Viewer)


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Sep 14, 2004
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Well these are out now and i wanted to see if anyone had heard anything about them.

I read UltimateDisney review of gargoyles and based on that I assume all uncut each episode runs at ~23 minutes.

I also assume flintstones is good to go too. I haven't heard anything bad about it nor season 1 of which I own.

It might take me a little while to get over it but until then I'm going to be paranoid and check on every DVD to make sure its uncut before I buy. lol


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Sep 2, 2003
I bought them both but haven't had a chance to watch either yet and doubt I will for quite some time with the 3 recent Walt Disney Treasures, Garfield and Friends Vol. 2, Top Cat, Gunga Din and the handful of other titles I purchased last week but I see no reason why any of these would be edited. The Flintstones Season One was presented completely uncut and was one of my favorite purchases of last year. Gargoyle's appears to be completely uncut as well and I believe this is probably due mostly in part to the director of the series who had a huge hand in the production of these sets. I'm sure they're both safe buys and you certainly won't be seeing these in any other context so you might as well go for them if you've got the money.


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Feb 10, 2004
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It's sad that there aren't more replies to this. Gargoyles is easily on par with Batman: The Animated Series as the best North American action-adventure animated series ever (the two shows share a scriptwriter in Michael Reaves. He was actually the script supervisor of Batman:TAS, on Gargoyles he was more the second-in-command to creator Greg Weisman). In my humble opinion? It even exceeds Batman in overall plot quality and voice acting (though just barely. The voice acting in Batman was excellent for the most part). To be fair, it probably has a lot to do with my preference for strong continuity and a massive story arcs, and Batman was more of a serialized case-by-case show comparable to CSI (I hate CSI for the record, would watch Batman over it any day), with occasional bouts of mini-arcs that never really effected any of the main characters so much that there were lasting changes. Critics who've seen both seem to hold them in the same high regard, though there simply isn't as much recognition of Gargoyles' quality because not as many people have seen it. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the name recognition of Batman, doesn't have the built-in audience either.

I bought the DVDs the day of release. They're excellent. Read Gord Lacey's review here at TVshowsOnDVD.com it pretty much says it all. While he does point out that he's not as much of a fan as the diehard types who attend that Gathering convention, he may well be after Season 2 is released. Season 1 is great, but a lot of it is simply establishing the setting and characters. Setting up the dominos over 13 episodes so they can all fall over in the 52-episode Season 2.

Been re-watching the episodes little by little (though I couldn't help watching the five part opening, "Awakening", all in one sitting). They hold up remarkably well. So far I've even liked a couple of the episodes more than I originally did ("Thrill of the Hunt", which introduces The Pack, really isn't that bad an ep, even though it's still my least-favorite Season 1 ep. And "Deadly Force" is perfect and not preachy like you'd worry something like it would be). I've found myself liking different characters that I wasn't as fond of 10 years ago when I was 12 years old during its original run. You can appreciate a lot of the same stuff you did back then, but you also get more out of the episodes knowing some of what's coming later (I think I've forgotten a lot, so I bet there'll be some old surprises that're new again), knowing more about much of the mythology and pop culture that inspired the writers of the series, and just being able to value the series that much more now that I know a quality cartoon like this doesn't come along very often, especially these days.

Brad Grenz

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Mar 14, 1999
I bought Gargoyles release day as well. I meant to hold off and put it on my christmas list, but I am a weak, weak man... It's a nice set and reasonably priced. Looks really good and has some interesting extras. But mostly it's just made me burn with desire for season 2!

Rob T

Aug 26, 2001
I started watching Gargoyles today.
It's really looking good.
It brings back old memories. :)

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